9 Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Rose Quartz & Where To Keep It


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Rose quartz is the crystal of love and relationships, which is why it shares close ties with the heart chakra. With its pink hue and exquisite beauty, many people put rose quartz in their bedroom to reap the benefits of sleeping with this semi-precious gemstone.

When you sleep with rose quartz under your pillow, you can harness the crystal’s powers to attract love and healing into your life. You may dream of your soul mate, strengthen a romantic relationship, build confidence in yourself, mend a broken heart, or feel more connected to others.

These are only some of the wonderful things that could happen. Read on for all 9 reasons why you should be sleeping with rose quartz and how to do it right, so you get the most out of your blushing stone.

What happens when you sleep with rose quartz?

When you sleep with rose quartz in your bedroom, you get to enjoy:

Better sleep

Rose quartz helps you sleep better because its vibrations comfort and relax you. Keeping rose quartz in your bedroom relieves insomnia naturally, brings a sense of peace, can help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep each night, and sparks pleasant dreams.

To use rose quartz for better sleep, cleanse your crystal first (click here to find out how). This is to make sure that the quartz can absorb negativity and unwanted emotions from your space, and that it isn’t holding onto harmful energy that it absorbed in the past.

Once cleansed, hold your crystal in your hand before bedtime. Close your eyes and think about the problems that keep you up at night while squeezing the quartz.

This meditation and sleeping on the rose quartz all night will move stress and negative energy from your thoughts into the crystal, lightening the load on your own shoulders.

Click here for a list of affirmations to say to your rose quartz that will improve your sleep.

Waking up feeling revitalized

If you wake up each morning feeling groggy and as though you haven’t had enough sleep, keeping rose quartz in your bedroom or using a rose quartz roller at night can help.

Photo of a rose quartz roller on a bed pillow
Use a rose quartz roller at night to calm down your skin and get the full benefits of your beauty products.

Rose quartz soaks up nervous tension and vibrates with loving energy. This upbeat energy pours over you in your sleep so that you wake up feeling this way. Stress, anger and guilt melt away, and they are replaced with a sense of appreciation and peacefulness.

After a few days of sleeping with rose quartz, you may find that you feel more positive about life and you are more present in the moment – not dozing off or living life in a haze. This optimism should continue to grow the longer you use the rose quartz and as long as you cleanse it often, bringing you a sense of gratitude and enabling things to flow in your life.

Growing self-love

Keeping rose quartz in your bedroom can nurture a strong sense of self-love as rose quartz is the stone of all love. Placing this semi-precious crystal in your room is a clear sign to the universe that you both honor and respect yourself, which leads to greater self-confidence and self-worth.

The love that flows from a rose quartz crystal is unconditional and true, and it is designed to fill your heart with compassion and clarity about who you are, what you love about the world around you, and all the reasons why you love yourself, as you should.

Click here to find out all the things that rose quartz can bless you with in life.

Better relationships with others

Being the stone of love, keeping rose quartz in a bedroom improves your relationships with other people, such as your friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. It also makes you friendlier and kinder to strangers and animals, as you gain a greater understanding and love for all living creatures.

Rose quartz can do such a wonderful job of improving your relationships and interactions with others because the crystal releases vibrations that open your heart to sharing and receiving love.

Help with finding true love

Many people believe that if you sleep with rose quartz under your pillow, you’ll dream about your one true love or soul mate. Leaving it under the pillow will help you attract this true love into your life and keep it.

If you want to strengthen a rose quartz crystal’s power to attract true love, sleep with it under your pillow and add more rose quartz to the bedroom. You can put a larger rose quartz crystal on your nightstand or wear jewelry made with pure rose quartz, such as a natural gemstone bracelet or a necklace.

Stronger romantic relationships

If you’re in a relationship, placing rose quartz in the bedroom can strengthen this romantic connection and restore harmony whenever you are going through a difficult time. If you do this, you can expect to start feeling more generous and more patient with your partner, and become more considerate of their feelings.

Rose quartz is said to bring back hope and confidence in a relationship, and it helps couples work as a team to form a closer bond. Of all the crystals, rose quartz is the one that nurtures unconditional love through self-love and a deeper love for the other person in your relationship.

A soothed broken heart

We all suffer from a broken heart sometimes when life suddenly takes something or someone away from us.

To mend a broken heart, place rose quartz under your pillow. The crystal releases soothing vibrations that ease the pain in your heart. It also absorbs emotions that you don’t want to hold onto, such as anger, resentment, or mean thoughts.

If you place rose quartz crystal in your room after experiencing loss or hardship, your emotions should become more stable over time as the crystal helps you heal.

Emotional release

Rose quartz is strongly connected to the heart chakra, so keeping it in your bedroom will open up your heart. Be aware that this can bring up suppressed emotions or blockages that you were not aware of before, which might catch you off guard.

Placing rose quartz in your bedroom might bring up old emotions, hurts, and thoughts that you had forgotten about, but that are still sitting with you and need healing.

Leaving the crystal in the room will help you become more aware of these issues and find ways to work through them, so you can move on to a much deeper level of peace in your life.

Radiant beauty

Rose quartz crystal has been used by women for hundreds of years to clear their skin, reduce wrinkles and puffiness, lighten under-eye circles, ease facial tension, and give their face a youthful glow.

These are some of the reasons why pure rose quartz face rollers and gua sha have become so popular in recent years.

Keeping rose quartz in your bedroom is believed to have many beauty benefits that come from the crystal’s vibrations.

Where to place rose quartz in your bedroom

If you need help with sleep or a big problem, place rose quartz under your pillow. A little trick is to keep it under your pillow but inside your pillowcase, so the crystal doesn’t move around and get lost when you’re sleeping.

Photo of a hand placing rose quartz under a pillow inside a pillowcase
The trick to sleeping with rose quartz is to put the crystal inside the pillowcase.

Choose a rose quartz crystal that is fairly small and does not have any jagged edges – a tumbled crystal or worry stone works well for this.

If you just want to improve your relationships overall and keep your heart peaceful and open, place rose quartz in your bedroom, such as on your bedside table. You might want something larger here, such as a glass bowl filled with natural raw rose crystals or a beautiful rose quartz lamp.

Photo of a bowl of raw rose quartz next to a bed
You can even keep beautiful raw rose quartz crystals in a glass bowl next to your bed as a way to sleep with rose quartz in your room.

Feng shui experts recommend placing rose quartz in the south-west area of your bedroom, as this direction attracts love into your home.

Crystals release and absorb the energy around them. Rose quartz picks up on all the vibrations in a room, including the energy released by other crystals. If you want the full benefits from your rose quartz, take out all other crystals from the room so their energy doesn’t interfere with the rose quartz.

Make sure to cleanse your crystal regularly, especially if it’s new or if you’ve been using it for a while. Cleansing releases energy that the crystal is holding, freeing up space to absorb new energy and unwrap its full power.

Click here for a list of ways to cleanse your rose quartz crystal with instructions.

Photo of rose quartz crystal in a bowl of water to be cleansed
There are many ways to cleanse rose quartz. One of the easiest and most effective ways is by leaving it in water for 24 hours.

If you remember, touch the rose quartz or rub it before you go to sleep each night. As you do this, think about why the crystal is in your room and the wonderful things you’d like the crystal to help you achieve.

Of course, only real rose quartz will bring you the benefits listed above. Click here to find out how to confirm if you have a real rose quartz crystal or a fake.

For more ideas on where to keep your rose quartz, click here.

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