About Monique le Riche

Photo of Monique le Riche, founder of Jewel and Crystal Guide

Monique le Riche is a former general manager of a publishing company and a serial entrepreneur. She now helps people get the facts and uncover the mysteries of crystals through her website Jewel And Crystal Guide, a brand dedicated to those who love crystals. Monique researches, tests, and shares what she discovers on the website, and is one of the main authors on JewelAndCrystalGuide.com. She lives in the sunny Gold Coast of Australia with her son.

When I was a kid, I had an uncle that lived far away, in the same town I was born in actually. We only saw him and his family every few years, so it was always a treat when we got in the car and drove all those hours for a visit.

I remember this one trip when I was drawn to his large fish tank – not by the fish, mind you, but by the colorful crystals nestled at the bottom. As we were leaving at the end of that trip, my uncle took me and my brothers to his fish tank and let us each choose one crystal to take home with us.

Unfortunately, I no longer have that blue lace agate, but it planted the seed that started my great love for all jewels and crystals.

It took years before I officially started collecting and keeping crystals, but I never missed a chance to buy crystals that caught my eye in cute little stores during my travels. Crystals that have since left me and moved on to somewhere else.

The more I collect and the more I learn about these minerals, the more curious I become. It’s not just about how they look, but what they’re made of, what they do, where they come from, and the stories behind them.

Every time I learn something new, I share it on Jewel And Crystal Guide.