13 Places To Keep Tiger’s Eye That You Need To Know About


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Tiger’s eye keeps you safe, gives you confidence and courage to reach for and achieve more in life, and boosts creativity and intimate relationships when this powerful stone is taken care of and kept in the right place.

Keep tiger’s eye in places and areas where you need motivation, focus, and courage. Some great places to keep tiger’s eye are on your body, in a desk, close to doors and windows, or with exercise gear.

There are many places to keep tiger’s eye that you’ve probably never thought of. Preparing the stone and putting it in the right space makes all the difference in how this stone can bless you.

By the end of this post, you’ll know:

  • How to prepare tiger’s eye
  • 13 places to keep tiger’s eye and how to get what you need from it

Preparing tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye must be cleansed and charged before it can help you. Whether you’ve just brought the gem home, or you have one that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s important to first cleanse it of the energy it carries and to charge it with new energy.

To cleanse tiger’s eye, place it in healthy soil, water, incense smoke, sunlight, or moonlight. These elements take energy from the stone back into the earth, then charge the stone to make it vibrant and powerful once more.

Click here for a full list of tiger’s eye cleansing and charging methods.

Now you can choose where to keep your tiger’s eye based on what you want to be blessed with.

Photo of tiger's eye lying in healthy pot plant soil being charged and cleansed
Put tiger’s eye in healthy soil, preferably where plants are growing like in the pot plant above, to cleanse and charge the stone.

Unique places to keep tiger’s eye

You can keep tiger’s eye…

On your lower chakras

Use tiger’s eye on your lower chakras during meditations, along with affirmations to ask the stone for what you need and want. For an even greater impact, tape the stone to a chakra area so that its energy can be released and active on the chakra throughout the day.

There are two chakras that are strongly linked with tiger’s eye…

Hold or tape tiger’s eye to your root chakra, which is found at the base and the last three vertebrae of your spine. The energy from the stone gives you a strong foundation in life and keeps you grounded, so you can face whatever comes your way with confidence (never arrogance).

You can also hold or tape tiger’s eye to your sacral chakra, the chakra for sensual and creative energy. If you’d like to boost a romantic relationship or find inspiration and remove a creative block, use tiger’s eye on your sacral chakra just below the belly button.

In a pocket

On days when you need more energy than usual or you’re facing a challenging situation, keep tiger’s eye in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

The best pocket would be on the lower half of your body because the stone is strongly linked to the lower chakras, but a pocket on your chest is fine if that’s all you have.

In your bra

To wear tiger’s eye in your bra, start by asking the stone for what you need. Then place it in the bra cup that’s on your non-dominant side. So, if you’re right-handed place the stone on the left side of your bra and vice versa.

Your non-dominant side is your receiving side, and it helps the stone give you what you ask for.

During the day, put your non-dominant hand to your chest and reconnect with it, repeating your wishes out loud or quietly in your head.

On your non-dominant hand or wrist

If you want to wear tiger’s eye as jewelry, in a beautiful bracelet or ring, it’s important to put it on your non-dominant side. If you’re right-handed, wear tiger’s eye on your left hand as this is the side that receives gifts, and if you’re left-handed, wear the jewelry on your right hand.

When choosing a piece of jewelry, get one that’s most likely to give you what you need. For example, this tiger’s eye bracelet is intended for protection, luck and healing, while this bracelet calms the nerves and helps with anxiety.

Photo of a tiger's eye ring on a finger

Click here for a list of zodiac signs that should wear tiger’s eye and why.

Near doors or windows

Keeping tiger’s eye near to windows and doors that open to the outside of the house does two important things:

  • It protects the house from unwanted energy coming in, especially when there’s a large cleansed and charged tiger’s eye close to the front and back doors
  • It keeps the stone’s energy inside the house, and helps the people living there feel grounded, calm, and focused

Place a stone or hang a tiger’s eye ornament, like this one from Amazon, near doors and windows.

Tiger’s eye can become shinier when exposed to the right amount of heat and light, but make the crystal too hot (above 750 °F / 400 °C) and it could lose its shine forever. Click here to find out what quality makes tiger’s eye shine the way it does.

With money or gold and silver

Tiger’s eye is a great attractor of money and true wealth. Keep a small tiger’s eye in your purse or handbag, and have some cash in your purse at all times so the stone knows what to attract.

If possible, put a tiger’s eye in your house near real gold or silver jewelry, or on top of a bar of gold or silver.

Photo of tiger's eye with a silver ring and necklace
Keep tiger’s eye with real gold or silver jewelry, like in the picture above, to draw wealth and money into your life.

Don’t stop using tiger’s eye when you come into money or wealth or feel you have enough – keep your stone charged and near money or precious metals to retain your wealth and give you confidence to handle your financial affairs.

Close to unfinished projects

Tiger’s eye gives you both motivation and focus, so it’s good to place a stone near unfinished projects around the home, in the yard, or even at work. You can also put a tiger’s eye nearby if you know you will be starting a challenging or big project, and you want to make sure you finish it.

As some examples, keep a tiger’s eye next to renovation projects around the home, or close to decluttering or organizing projects where interest has been lost or motivation is needed.

And if you’re talking to someone about an issue that keeps cropping up, something that feels like “unfinished business”, holding or having tiger’s eye close by can help with that too.

With exercise equipment or clothing

Put tiger’s eye near exercise equipment or workout clothing to keep you driven to meet your health goals and do exercise that feeds your soul.

Tiger’s eye can give you the energy you need and a push to get started or keep going, even when motivation is low.

On your desk

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for focus and the motivation to get things done. It relieves stress, stops procrastination, and is also a wonderful catalyst that sparks innovation in the workplace.

Keep a charged tiger’s eye stone on your desk or in your desk drawer when you are:

  • Starting a business
  • Working on a difficult project
  • Stuck in a job you hate and need to find a solution
  • Applying for jobs
  • Feeling burned out
  • Not feeling like working (but you need to)
Photo of a raw tiger's eye crystal on a desk
Keeping a tiger’s eye crystal like this on your desk will help keep you focused and motivated to do good work.

If you want to make the crystal’s powers stronger, tape it to the underside of the desk where you sit. This keeps the crystal close to your work and aligns it with your lower chakras, which give you a strong foundation and lots of creative energy.

In your car

Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that can be kept in a car for safety and protection. If you don’t want to keep a tiger’s eye in your car at all times, think about cleansing and charging one to put in your car before a long journey.

You can hang a cleansed and charged tiger’s eye ornament on your rear view mirror, like this beautiful piece from Amazon, or keep a raw stone in your glove compartment or under the driver’s seat.

Photo of a tiger's eye stone in a glove compartment
Hang tiger’s eye from your rear view mirror, or keep a stone under the car seat or in the glove compartment (like in the picture above) for safety and protection on the road.

Next to a vision board

If you have a vision board or an area where you set goals and intentions for your life, keep a tiger’s eye nearby. Tiger’s eye gives you self-assurance, a strong sense of direction, and a solid base when planning for the future.

It’s important to keep your stone cleansed and charged. Think about using affirmations to make it clear what you are seeking in your future.

In a bedroom

If you’d like to boost your libido and intensify bedroom activities, place tiger’s eye next to the bed or under your pillow, inside the pillowcase.

It’s believed that doing this unleashes the stone’s power to make you and your partner more adventurous, confident, energetic, and satisfied in the bedroom.

On a charging station

If you don’t have anywhere specific to keep your tiger’s eye or you want to keep your stone fully charged for when you need it, create a charging station as a permanent home for the crystal.

To make a tiger’s eye charging station, use something that removes old energy from the stone and charges it with fresh energy. This can be charging crystals, such as selenite, healthy soil, water, salt, or any other crystal charging tool listed in this blog post.

Where not to keep tiger’s eye

Don’t keep tiger’s eye in any room or area where you want to rest or need a deep sense of peace, as the stone is both stimulating and energizing. This includes any room or area that is shared with others, where they might be affected.

Tiger’s eye can be kept in a bedroom, but it’s best to put the stone away and out of sight when it’s time to go to sleep or have light conversations with a partner. Tiger’s eye is very powerful and can disrupt deep sleep by causing insomnia or bad dreams.

For more information about tiger’s eye, here’s my guide with everything you need to know about this crystal.

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