20 Unusual Places To Keep Calcite


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Calcite is a versatile crystal that’s all about mental clarity, emotional healing, increased energy, and spiritual growth. Different colors of calcite are believed to evoke feelings of calm, focus, optimism, and increased self-awareness when cleansed and cared for.

The best places to keep calcite are on your body, in a bedroom, near plants, with wine bottles, in creative areas, and in work spaces. Different colors bring different gifts, so choose the right calcite color and keep it in the best place for what you need.

The truth is that there are many places to keep calcite that you’ve probably never thought of. Preparing the stone and putting it in the right space makes all the difference in how this crystal blesses you.

Let’s explore these places and gifts together.

In this post, you’ll get:

  • Instructions on how to prepare calcite by cleansing and charging it
  • A table of the different calcite colors, where to keep each color, and why
  • More details on the 20 places to put calcite

Cleansing and preparing calcite

Calcite, like all crystals, must be cleansed and charged before it can do much for you.

Whether you’ve just brought the crystal home or you have one that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s important to first cleanse it of the energy it carries and charge it with new energy.

To cleanse calcite, place it in healthy soil, the smoke of a burning smudge or incense stick, your own breath, or moonlight. These elements send old energy from the calcite back into the earth, then charge the stone to make it vibrant and powerful once more.

Click here for the full list of easy calcite cleansing methods (and find out what to avoid so you don’t damage your crystal).

Once cleansed and charged, decide where to keep your calcite based on what you want to be blessed with. Below is a list of places you might want to consider and why.

If you want to know more about calcite, click here to see my full guide to this crystal.

Table Of The Best Places To Keep Calcite

Below is a table that outlines each color of calcite, along with some of the best and most unusual places to keep that color crystal, the best shape or type of calcite to use, and what you get from keeping your crystal in that spot.

Before we dive in, I just want to mention a few things:

  • This is not a comprehensive list but more of a quick guide for ideas on where to keep your calcite crystal. Each calcite color can be placed in various settings using different shapes and forms for different effects. Do what feels right for you – you can’t make a mistake with this.  
  • Read the next section of this blog post for more details on each place listed in the table below.
Color Of CalciteBest Places To KeepBest Shape / TypeWhat You Get
BlueOffice or study desk BedroomPyramid Sphere– Stress relief
– Improved communication
– Calm sleep
GreenNear plants
– Connection to nature
– Emotional balance
– Healthy eating habits
OrangeFish tank
Art studio
Raw form
– Creativity
– Energizing atmosphere
– Enhanced artistic focus
RedFireplace mantle
Gym bag
Palm stone
– Passion
– Increased energy
– Motivation for physical activities
YellowWine rack
Medicine cabinet
– Confidence
– Decision-making ease
– Emotional uplift
WhiteGlove compartment
Craft area
Raw form
Obelisk / Tower
– Purification
– Fresh atmosphere
– Balanced emotions
ClearNear router
Yoga or meditation space
Raw form
– Improved focus
– Mental clarity
– Enhanced meditation
PinkYoga or meditation space
Palm stone
– Emotional healing
– Compassion
– Emotional balance in private spaces
BlackTool shed
Office or study desk
Raw form
– Grounding
– Focus
– Enhanced work efficiency
With hiking gear
Raw form
Worry stone
– Grounding
– Calming atmosphere for pets
– Connection to Earth
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The best places to keep calcite

You can keep calcite…

In your clothing or jewelry near the corresponding chakra

Different colors of calcite stimulate and activate different chakras. Calcite is believed to enhance the natural flow of energy through these chakras, helping to remove blockages and bring healing on both physical and spiritual levels.

For example, blue calcite, which is associated with the throat chakra, helps with clear communication and self-expression by activating and energizing this chakra.

Feel free to wear more than one calcite crystal for chakra work. If you’re looking to stimulate multiple chakras, combine different colors of calcite for multipurpose vibrational healing.

Simply use the table below to choose the color or colors of calcite for what you need, then put the crystals in a pocket or in your clothing near their corresponding chakras.

It’s important to pay attention to how you feel when layering different types of calcite or any other crystals. Everyone’s energy field is different, and what feels empowering to one person might feel overwhelming to another.

The table below gives a list of each calcite crystal color and the chakra it connects with, along with the healing properties and benefits that the color calcite brings:

Calcite ColorChakraHealing And Metaphysical Properties
Blue calciteThroat chakra– Enhanced communication
– Emotional release   
– Heightened psychic ability
Green calciteHeart chakra– Emotional balance
– Stress relief 
– Heart-centered consciousness
Orange calciteSacral chakra– Emotional healing and balance
– Creativity
– An energy boost
Red calciteRoot chakra– Physical vitality      
– Grounding   
– Enhanced willpower
– Protection
Yellow calciteSolar plexus chakra– Self-confidence      
– Hope
– Mental clarity
– Personal power
Clear calciteCrown chakra– Clarity – Self-acceptance      
– Connection to higher consciousness
Pink calciteHeart chakra– Emotional healing  
– Release of past traumas
– Sense of self-compassion
– Flow of unconditional love
– Aligns emotional and spiritual selves        
– Develops empathy and understanding       
Black calciteRoot chakra– Grounding
– Alleviates anxiety related to survival and security
– Anchors you in the present moment
– Dispels worries about the future
– Enhances connection with Earth during meditation
Brown calciteSacral and root chakras– Grounding
– Stimulates creativity          
– Brings emotional balance
– Connects emotional and physical selves
– Conduit for creative ideas
– Sense of security and stability
© Jewel And Crystal Guide

Diagram showing where each of the seven chakras are found on the human body

Here’s my blog post that goes through all the things that calcite is good for and what colors to use.

On Your Desk

Keeping calcite on an office or study desk boosts concentration and mental clarity, creating a space where you can zone in on your work without getting distracted. Some say calcite helps them be more productive when they sit down to work, so they meet deadlines and don’t get overwhelmed with tasks.

Consider placing a pyramid-shaped blue or black calcite near your computer or notebook, or standing up in the top drawer of your desk. The pyramid shape has grounding properties, making it an excellent choice for focused work.

Blue calcite improves communication and relieves stress. Black calcite brings focus, grounding, and efficiency to your workspace.

Near Potted Plants

Green calcite’s energy promotes luscious plant growth.

Keep a sphere-shaped green calcite among plants in your house or on a covered deck. Spheres radiate energy in all directions, complementing the plants’ organic growth, while green calcite gives you a strong connection with nature.

But be careful – calcite is a relatively soft mineral and can dissolve in water or fade in strong sunlight. This is why I suggest keeping it away from the soil when you water your plants and out of direct sunlight.

In A Mudroom Or Entrance

The mudroom or entrance is a point of contact between your indoor sanctuary and the “wild” outdoors. It’s the place where muddy boots are left, umbrellas are stored, and a quick pause is taken before transitioning from one environment to another.

Because of its role as a boundary between these two worlds, the mudroom can benefit from the stabilizing and grounding energy of a raw or cluster of brown calcite crystal.

Keep your crystal on a shelf or table near the door, to act as an energetic buffer. As you come into the house, the crystal grounds you to leave behind the chaotic energies of the outside world. It serves a similar purpose when you leave, centering you before you step into the day’s challenges.

Near A Fish Tank

Calcite can go near water but not in water. Any acidity in water or liquids dissolves the crystal. This means we can keep calcite close to a fish tank but never inside the tank.

An aquarium is a calming addition to any home or office space. The flowing water and smooth movements of the fish are a wonderful source of relaxation and visual interest.

Raw orange calcite crystal is known for its energizing and creativity-boosting properties. Keeping one of these crystals near a fish tank adds a layer of refreshing energy, bringing a balance between calm and dynamism.

This makes it an even more engaging and uplifting space for anyone who spends time there.

On The Fireplace Mantle

Large red calcite crystal near fireplace
Keep red calcite on or near to a fireplace mantle, like the one in this photo.

I recommend putting an obelisk-shaped red calcite on your fireplace mantle to fill the room with an atmosphere of warmth and luxurious comfort.

The obelisk’s vertical shape channels energy upwards, while red calcite ignites passion and decadence, much like the fires in your fireplace.

People have told me that keeping calcite on a mantelpiece also creates a wonderful focal point for conversation and engagement. Guests notice the intriguing mineral, and you get to tell them fascinating stories about your crystal (like what you did to make sure it was genuine and not fake).

In A Wine Cellar Or Near A Wine Rack

If you have a wine rack or you’re lucky enough to have a wine cellar, you might enjoy keeping a cubic yellow calcite crystal nearby. Cubes are stable and grounding, and yellow calcite enhances self-confidence.

Your wine collection is a personal space for curated tastes – a gathering of choices for enjoyment and sharing with others. Yellow calcite, linked with self-confidence and decision-making, could enrich that experience by subtly encouraging a mindful wine selection.

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner and want to pair a wine not just based on what you know but on what you feel would elevate the evening. Yellow calcite’s energy could prompt you to make a choice that’s a bit more daring or adventurous, like going for that bottle of vintage you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

In The Glove Compartment Of Your Car

White calcite is known for bringing emotional balance, so it could offer a sense of clarity and calm in situations that require quick and thoughtful action. In such moments, the crystal serves as a subtle yet effective grounding agent.

Keep a raw, palm-sized white calcite in your glove compartment. This shape is compact enough to fit neatly within the space, while its rounded edges won’t damage documents or other stored items.

If you want to, you can keep it in a small pouch or wrap it in a cloth to protect it from scratches or from scratching other items.

Nestle it into a corner of the glove compartment where it won’t be disturbed by you rummaging for other items but is still easy to reach and remove for cleansing or energetic “recharging.”

Near The WiFi Router

WiFi routers are practically the nerve centers of our modern homes, channeling internet connectivity to various devices. While they’re still essential for the time being, they’re also a source of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which some people are concerned about.

Clear calcite is believed to have cleansing properties, both energetically and physically, and towers amplify this energy.

Placing a clear calcite tower near a WiFi router is thought to purify and possibly neutralize the space around it, mitigating the effects of EMFs on the home environment.

This isn’t a scientifically proven method to reduce EMFs, but simply another way to use your crystals to help remove negativity and create a more harmonious living space.

In A Yoga Or Meditation Space

In a yoga or meditation space, where the primary focus is often to attain inner peace and heightened self-awareness, both clear and pink calcite offer unique, complementary benefits that elevate your practice (though each color of calcite offers its own benefits for meditation).

Here’s a simple, calming calcite meditation to try and here are some wonderful calcite affirmations to say to your crystal, depending on what you need from it.

Clear calcite is known for its amplifying and clarifying properties. Keeping this crystal in your yoga or meditation space acts like a magnifying glass for your intentions.

Say, for instance, you’re setting an intention to cultivate more self-love during your meditation; the clear calcite amplifies that intention, helping you deeply integrate it into your practice.

Clear calcite works well in its natural, rough form, especially if you want a more encompassing feel to the energy in the room. But a clear calcite sphere is great at distributing energy equally in all directions, which creates a balanced atmosphere in your space.

Pink calcite is a heart chakra stone, associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. The heart chakra is often a focus in yoga and meditation as the center of emotional well-being. So having pink calcite nearby could deepen your emotional experiences during these practices.

A heart-shaped pink calcite crystal symbolizes the emotional core it speaks to, serving as a visual reminder of the heart chakra and its associated qualities. Tumbled stones and palm stones work just as well, so choose whichever shape appeals to you most.

In The Bathroom

Having pink calcite in the bathroom may sound unconventional, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about what bathrooms are primarily used for: cleansing, both physically and metaphorically.

Most of us start and end our days in this space, washing away the grime and stresses of daily life. Pink calcite, known for its association with emotional well-being and the heart chakra, enhances this everyday ritual.

The crystal’s soft, nurturing energy helps you wash away stress and burdens. It’s like giving your heart a bath, recharging your emotional self along with your physical body.

A smooth, polished calcite is a good option for a humid bathroom environment. Keep a tumbled pink calcite on a vanity or near the sink where it can catch your eye and remind you to pause for a moment of self-compassion.

Don’t ever put your calcite in water or it might dissolve.

In Your Art Studio

An art studio is a haven of creativity and passion, but sometimes we also hit frustrating roadblocks.

Keeping a raw, sphere, or egg-shaped orange calcite crystal in this space brings greater creativity, restores emotional balance from the highs and lows of creating, and could even give you a dash of newfound courage to tackle an ambitious project.

Large, raw pieces of calcite serve as a feature object in a studio, and often radiate a more ‘untamed’ energy that liberates your creative instincts and passions.

Sphere and egg-shaped crystals emit energy more evenly in all directions, saturating your space with the crystal’s creative and emotional benefits. Plus, their smooth, curved form are a tactile source of inspiration, being something you can hold or touch when you need of a creative jolt or emotional recalibration.

The sacral chakra, to which orange calcite is linked, is often considered the seat of creativity, sexual energy, and emotional flow. So keeping orange calcite in your studio can prove to be great way to facilitate your creative process.

Inside Your Gym Bag

When you’re in the gym, you’re not just lifting weights or running on a treadmill; you’re also cultivating discipline, releasing stress, and perhaps even working through emotional or psychological barriers.

Keeping a red calcite palm or worry stone in your gym bag serves as an energetic boost to your physical exercises and mental focus. Red calcite resonates with the root chakra, the energy center associated with our basic needs, grounding, and physical vitality.

Palm and worry stones are small, flat, and easily fit into pockets or small compartments in your gym bag. They’re ideal because you can easily grab them for a moment of grounding or motivation. Holding the stone in your hand for a few seconds before starting a workout sets a positive tone for the session, allowing you to get the most out of each rep, each set.

If you prefer not to have loose items in your gym bag, another option is a red calcite pendant or small talisman attached to the bag’s zipper. Every time you open or close your gym bag, you’ll come into contact with the crystal.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes and a space where we not only prepare food but also nourish our souls.

Associated with the heart chakra, green calcite is a master of emotional balance and mental clarity. And let’s face it, cooking and eating are not purely physical activities – they’re deeply connected to our emotional well-being and even our social dynamics.

Green calcite in your kitchen serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty of everyday rituals. When you see or touch the crystal, you can take a short pause from rushing to regroup, then approach cooking or even simple tasks like washing dishes with a more grounded attitude.

A tumbled and/or polished green calcite stone works well in this space as the smooth finish is easy to clean. Put the crystal near your food preparation area where you’ll see it regularly, on a windowsill out of direct sunlight, or in a corner of the kitchen counter.

In the Tool Shed

The tool shed is often seen as a utilitarian space, a place where things are fixed, built, or stored. Yet, this very functionality makes it ripe for the grounding and focus that black calcite can provide when you’re fussing with tools and tackling challenging projects.

A tool shed is a space of creation and repair, but it’s also a place where frustrations often run high. This is where black calcite serves a dual purpose: it helps to ground you, keeping frustrations and distractions at bay so you can focus on solutions not problems; and it gives the space a sense of purpose and calm.

A raw natural chunk or sphere of black calcite works well here. The raw form resonates with the hands-on nature of a shed, while spheres release balanced energy.

I suggest putting the crystal on a workbench or shelf where you’ll see it often, or near the entrance so it’s the first and last thing you encounter when you enter and leave the area.

In The Medicine Cabinet

Keeping yellow calcite in the medicine cabinet uplifts spirits, balances moods, and boosts energy levels.

The medicine cabinet is a curious but great place to keep yellow calcite.

Traditionally, this space stores items for physical healing, so why not add a calcite crystal for emotional and energetic well-being too?

Yellow calcite is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which governs self-confidence, empowerment, and emotional stability. It’s a stone that can lift spirits, balance moods, boost energy levels, and infuse a sense of optimism – qualities that can complement the more tangible forms of healing one usually associates with a medicine cabinet.

The crystal shape depends on how much space you have in your medicine cabinet. A small, polished, tumbled stone or worry stone usually works well here. It’s easy to wipe clean and can be rubbed for comfort when you’re not feeling well.

In Your Bedroom

While the bedroom is mainly a place for sleep, it’s also where we spend time reflecting on our day, thinking about challenges, and having heart-to-heart talks with loved ones and ourselves.

Keeping blue calcite on your nightstand where you can easily reach it helps calm your mind, eases emotional tension, and makes communication more effective.

A sphere works well in a bedroom as it radiates energy equally in all directions, creating a harmonious environment. But a wand is also good for directing energy during specific practices or before bedtime to set the intention for peaceful rest.

In Your Crafting Area

Your craft area is most likely filled with a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and shapes.

Keeping white calcite on the corner of a craft table can help you clear mental clutter, boost concentration, and inspire tranquility in this busy space.

Whether you’re working through the intricate details of a quilt pattern or brainstorming the layout for a scrapbook, white calcite can help you stay both centered and open to creative flow, acting like a subtle mental organizer.

I recommend choosing an obelisk or tower for this area to send energy upward and outward, adding a touch of intentionality and ritual to your craft projects.

With Your Hiking Gear

Storing brown calcite with your hiking gear bridges the worlds of mindful exploration and the outdoors. Brown calcite is believed to help you become more attuned to your surroundings, helping you appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Hiking is, at its heart, an interaction with the earth, so what better crystal to accompany you than one known for its connection with Mother Nature?

I recommend keeping a tumbled stone or worry stone in a pocket of your hiking bag, so you can reach for it whenever you need a moment to deeply connect with nature.

On A Crystal Charging Station

If you don’t have anywhere specific to keep your calcite at this time or you want to keep any colored calcite crystal fully charged for when you need it, simply create a charging station.

To make a calcite charging station, use something that removes old energy from the stone and charges it with new energy.

This station could be made from charging crystals, such as a selenite charging bowl, healthy soil, or any other safe crystal charging method from this blog post.

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