Why You Should Sleep With Amazonite And Where To Put It


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Want to know if you can take that beautiful amazonite crystal to bed with you?

You can sleep with amazonite in your bedroom. Keeping amazonite in your room helps you release worries, fall asleep faster, enjoy deeper sleep, and have happier dreams that you’re more likely to remember when you wake up.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Let’s find out what to expect when you sleep with amazonite, how to prepare the crystal for your bedroom, and where to put it.

In this post, you’ll discover:

  • What you’ll get from putting amazonite in your bedroom
  • Tips and tricks for sleeping with amazonite for great results
  • The usual and unusual places to keep amazonite in your room

What you get from sleeping with amazonite

Amazonite brings you many soothing gifts, which is probably why you’re drawn to this crystal.

Here’s a list of all the things you get from sleeping with amazonite nearby:

You fall asleep quicker

Amazonite has a calming energy that makes you feel more relaxed, so you fall asleep quicker and easier.

This is because keeping amazonite in your bedroom helps to calm your body, so you lie down and fall asleep without tossing and turning at bedtime.

Your mind and emotions connect

Keeping amazonite in your bedroom brings you emotional balance and mindfulness, so you avoid those racing thoughts and heavy emotions that sometimes get us all at the end of a busy day.

The crystal keeps things on an even keel, so you gently rock yourself into a quiet slumber rather than feeling like you’re still running in the rat race while trying to force sleep.

You enjoy deeper, longer sleep

It’s said that placing amazonite in the bedroom gives you deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

After such a wonderful rest, you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized the next morning, ready to start another beautifully blessed day.

You have better dreams and remember more of them

Sleeping near to amazonite gives you better dreams, or at least fewer nightmares, and improves your ability to remember what you dream about, if you want this superpower.

Remembering your dreams gives you a glimpse of what your mind is organizing and making sense of at the time, and how your mind works. This is because your brain interprets and files things away in your memory bank at night when you’re fast asleep, which affects your dreams.

Your bedroom is protected from outside influences

Your bedroom is your space. It’s the place you go to switch off and disconnect from the world beyond.

Keeping amazonite in your bedroom has an overall soothing effect and acts as a protective barrier to the outside world, so you release stress and tensions and save your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary.

Keep reading to find out where to put your amazonite to form a barrier that protects your sleeping space from outside stressors and energies.

Photo of amazonite crystal on bedroom nightstand to show you can sleep with amazonite
Keeping amazonite in your bedroom protects your bedroom and your sleep.

Get a full overview of amazonite crystals and links to my other relevant articles in this guide.

How to use amazonite in your bedroom

If you’re convinced you need to sleep with amazonite in your bedroom, then here are some of my top tips and tricks for getting the most out of your nights spent with this crystal:

Choose a spot that feels comfortable for you

I’ll go into detail about some usual and rather unusual places to keep amazonite in your bedroom in the next section.

But the first step to getting the most from your crystal is deciding where to keep it based on what you need from it.

I find that most people want to use amazonite for its soothing effect and deeper sleep, and that’s when I say keep it near the top half of your body, on the same side as your head.

You could put the crystal on or in your nightstand (if it has a drawer), in your pillowcase under your pillow, or even under your bed near the headboard.

Always make sure that pets and children can’t get to your crystals as small crystals are a choking hazard. If you’re worried about the little humans or fur babies, simply buy large crystals that can’t be swallowed and don’t bring small crystals into the house until it’s safe to do so.

Cleanse and charge your crystal

Amazonite is a powerful crystal. But, like all crystals, it loses this power over time as it shares things with you.

This makes it important to cleanse and charge your crystal when you bring it home, before you use it, and as often as you feel you need to after that.

Cleansing and charging can be as simple as washing the crystal in water, leaving it out under the moon, or swishing it through the smoke of an incense stick. The choice is yours.

Cleansing and charging amazonite removes any negative or old energy that the crystal might have stored, and fills the crystal with pure, clean, fresh energy so it can work well for you once more.

It’s good to have a sort of relationship with your crystal. Trust your instinct, and cleanse and charge your amazonite whenever it feels right.

I won’t go into the details of how to do that here because I give step-by-step instructions on all the ways you can cleanse and charge an amazonite crystal in this blog post. So pop on over there when you’re ready to do this at home, quickly and easily.

Set your intentions for your amazonite

Crystals work best when they know what they are there to do and how they can help you.

This makes it important for you to set your intentions for your amazonite and to tell your crystal what your intentions are, so it can help you.

The easiest and simplest way to do this is to use affirmations, to let the crystal know what you need from it.

Remember that amazonite can only really give you gifts that an amazonite crystal can offer. It doesn’t help asking amazonite for something that an amazonite crystal can’t give, like great wealth, because the stone simply isn’t energetically connected to such a gift (here’s a crystal that is).

I made a list of over 100 affirmations based on the gifts of amazonite in this blog post.

Find one or two things in the list that you want to ask for, then check out the affirmations under those headings to see if any of them feel right for you. Or use my affirmations to guide you in coming up with your own affirmations.

If you’re wondering, amazonite is good for stress relief, balance, healing, communication, and spiritual growth, not just amazing sleep!

If you want to know more, this post discussed everything amazonite is good for and why you might be drawn to this sea-green crystal.  

Make a mindful connection with your amazonite daily

Now that you know where you’ll keep your amazonite, you’ve charged it up, and you know what to ask for and how, it’s time to connect with the crystal.

Say your affirmations over and over, as often as you can during the day. Speak the words out loud or say them quietly inside your head, it’s up to you. Try to look at, touch, or think of your crystal right before saying these affirmations to amplify their energy.

If you can’t do this during the day, it’s not a problem. Just try to focus on connecting with your crystal at least once at night.

Before going to sleep, hold the amazonite in your hands or touch it, close your eyes, and focus on its pure energy. Take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax and let go of any tensions or worries from the day.

Visualize the calming energy of the crystal enveloping you and expanding out into the room, where it creates a sense of calm and warmth.

Say your affirmations out loud or in your head as many times as you feel you need to, then place the crystal back in its place and go to bed.

Where to keep amazonite in your bedroom

I’ve come up with a list of places you can keep amazonite in your bedroom and written more about each spot below. Some are the usual places to keep a crystal in a bedroom, while others are places you might not have thought of before.

Take a look and decide where you want to keep amazonite in your own bedroom based on what feels right for you and what you need from your crystal at this time.

You can change the position or even remove the crystal from your bedroom if things change later, which they might.

Amazonite can be kept in the following places in a bedroom:

Above your bedroom door

Stick a small amazonite crystal or worry stone above your bedroom door using museum putty, like this putty from Amazon.

Keeping amazonite above or near your bedroom door serves as a symbolic boundary and protects you. It’s believed that this creates an energetic barrier that stops negative or disruptive energy from entering your bedroom.

If you want to leave the outside world outside and enjoy a feeling of peace and security in your bedroom, then putting amazonite above the door is a good idea.

You can even stick a crystal above the bedroom windows that you open for added protection.

On your nightstand or in a nightstand drawer

Most people keep amazonite on their nightstand or in their nightstand’s drawer.

Keeping amazonite on a nightstand makes the crystal easy to see and access when saying affirmations or when you want to meditate with it (here’s a simple amazonite meditation, if you want to give it a try).

Under your pillow

Keep amazonite under your pillow, inside the pillowcase so it doesn’t get lost.

Some say that putting amazonite so close to your head brings wonderfully imaginative dreams at night.

In a dream catcher

Hang an amazonite dreamcatcher above your bed for better dreams and deeper sleep.

It’s important that the dreamcatcher hangs higher than your head in the room so that your dreams and thoughts can enter it.

A dreamcatcher works by letting good dreams and thoughts flow into it and down its feathers, to float back to you. Dark or negative dreams and thoughts get caught in the dreamcatcher’s web, to be destroyed by sunlight when the sun rises in the morning.

Don’t worry if you can’t find an amazonite dreamcatcher – you can just make one. Either start from scratch if you’re a crafty person or buy a pretty turquoise dreamcatcher like this one and replace the hanging crystal with a hanging amazonite, like this one.

On your windowsill

Keep amazonite on your bedroom windowsill so it’s touched by natural sunlight each day and blessed by the moonlight each night.

In fact, these are both cleansing and charging methods that will keep your crystal powerful for 365 days of the year, so all you need to do is let it know your intentions and have a little faith in the process and in yourself.

With your shoes

Put an amazonite worry stone wherever you keep your shoes, such as in the closet or on a shoe rack.

Keeping amazonite with your shoes holds any unwanted energies that you may have brought home with you in the shoe area, so they don’t seep out into the room and disturb your sleep.

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