12 Ways To Cleanse And Charge Amazonite: Unlock The Magic Within


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If you’re lucky enough to have amazonite, you need to know how to cleanse and charge your crystal.

Amazonite can be cleansed with any of the four natural elements: earth, fire, wind, or water. Put amazonite in healthy soil, in the smoke of a burning smudge or incense stick, in your own breath, or in water to purify and re-energize the crystal.

But there are many ways to cleanse and charge amazonite crystal, and you may want to try a few of them or set up your own crystal charging station. Read on for all 12 methods, with step-by-step instructions on how to get the most from your cleansing ritual.

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By the end of this post, you’ll have 12 different ways to cleanse and charge amazonite crystal.

Cleanse and charge amazonite with…

Meditation and visualization

Start by finding a calm and cozy spot where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and take three long, deep breaths.

As you breathe deeply, think about the adventure you’re about to start where you unlock the hidden wonders of your amazonite crystal!

Next, gently hold the crystal in your hands to start connecting with it. Feel its smooth surface with your fingers and think about how you’re holding a piece of Earth’s history that’s full of spiritual gifts and secret treasures.

You’re ready to start the cleaning ritual.

Picture a warm, shimmering light surrounding your amazonite. This radiant light gently washes away any old or negative energy your crystal be carrying.

Now visualize a sparkling river flowing next to you. Imagine dipping your crystal into the refreshing waters, as if it’s taking a rejuvenating bath.

Let your amazonite soak up the pure and revitalizing energy of the water, just like a plant soaking up nourishment from the earth.

Look up and see the sun shining brightly above you in your mind’s eye. Picture warm rays of sunlight touching your crystal’s surface, infusing it with a radiant glow. Just like you recharge with sunshine, your Amazonite is absorbing the energy of the sun, getting ready to share its positive vibes with you!

Thank your amazonite for its powerful properties and the gifts it brings.

Now that your amazonite is cleansed and charged, hold it close to your heart and feel its energy connecting with your own. Do this for as long as you feel you need it before putting your crystal where you decide to keep it.


Find a spot with healthy plants, either outside in your garden or in a plant pot indoors. Mother Nature’s cleansing powers work best in places where the soil is nourishing and the plants grow strong.

Gently place your amazonite in the ground and cover it with a light dusting of soil, making sure it’s hidden from sight. The earth absorbs negativity and old energy, and it revitalizes the crystal with new, powerful energy.

Make sure to put your crystal somewhere where curious kids or playful pets won’t find it.

Let your amazonite sit in the soil for at least 24 hours. When you take it out, give it a rinse with clean running water. Dry it with a soft towel and you’re ready to start using your amazonite crystal.


A sage smudge is most popular for cleansing amazonite, especially these white sage sticks, but you can also use smudges made from Palo Santo wood, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, or yerba santa.

These handmade floral smudge kits from Amazon make a crystal cleansing a simple and beautiful experience.

To cleanse amazonite with a smudge:

  • Go outside or into a well-ventilated room, where the smoke won’t bother you.
  • Light your chosen smudge with a wooden match, if possible (these are the most beautiful wooden matches I’ve ever seen).
  • Gently blow out the flame, making sure that the smudge keeps on smoking.
  • Hold your crystal in the smudge’s smoke, turning it over in the smoke. Then circle the smudge around the crystal to make sure the smoke touches each side of the amazonite.

If you have a deluxe smudging kit, blow the smoke over your crystal with the feather to represent the element of air passing over your crystal, which heightens the ritual.

  • Do this for as long as your intuition tells you to do so, but make sure the smoke touches each part of the crystal at least three times.
  • Once you’re done, let the smudge stick burn to the end or put it out in sand. Many people love putting their smudges in a seashell because it’s a good connection with nature and Earth.
  • Sprinkle any ashes from the smudging process on the ground outside, so the soil can absorb the old energy back into the earth.
Woman cleansing amazonite out in nature with feathers, a smudge stick, and a seashell
Smudging is a wonderful way to cleanse and charge amazonite, especially if you combine smudging with other elements from nature like the feathers and seashells you see in this photo of a cleansing ritual.
Here’s a smudging kit on Amazon that comes with a seashell and single feather.


You can cleanse amazonite with the smoke from incense, much like you use the smoke from a smudge stick.

Choose any incense that you love – many people enjoy the smell of cedar incense blocks, white sage, frankincense and myrrh, or organic sandalwood incense.

If you want to use a candle’s smoke instead, try this magnificent pure white sage smudge candle.

To cleanse amazonite with incense, light the incense stick and gently blow out the flame.

Hold your crystal in the incense smoke and slowly turn it over three times, to allow the smoke enough time to cleanse the crystal.

This should take about a minute to do, but you can leave it in the smoke for longer if you feel the crystal needs extra cleansing.

If you burn your incense in a covered holder, like this handmade distressed wood box, place your amazonite crystals inside the box, light the incense, close the lid, and leave your crystals in the holder to be cleansed by the smoke.


Your own breath can be very powerful when it comes to crystal cleansing.

To cleanse amazonite with your breath, sit down with the crystal in your hand. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Once you are completely calm, imagine a bright, warm light around yourself and your crystal. Slowly open your eyes and bring your open hands with your crystal close to your mouth.

Continue to breathe slowly, taking in air through your nose. Exhale strongly through your mouth, directly onto the crystal. Make your breaths intentional and imagine the light that is surrounding you passing through your breath and over your crystal.

Turn your crystal over with each breath, to make sure that you breathe on each side at least once.

Do this for as long as you feel you should, but you can stop after about four full breaths if that is enough for you.


Amazonite can go in water, like rainwater, a stream, or water from the faucet, but the crystal shouldn’t be left in any water or liquids for longer than 24 hours.

Don’t ever put amazonite in salt water or sea water as salt is corrosive and can damage the crystal over time.

Place amazonite in a bowl of water and leave it overnight. Always choose a bowl or container made from a natural material like glass, if possible. Don’t ever use a metal bowl for crystal cleansing.

You can also put the crystal in moving water, such as under a running faucet, in a stream, or out in the rain for a few minutes to a few hours.

It’s believed that running water washes away harmful and negative energy, and takes it back into the earth where it is healed.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal with water, pat it dry with a clean cloth and throw the used water onto healthy soil outside or in a pot plant.

Amazonite cannot go in water that you drink because it contains lead (that’s what makes it green), which can leak into the water.


The right amount of sunlight can have a wonderful cleansing and energizing effect on amazonite, but too much direct sunlight for too long can make the color in the crystal fade or change.

To keep your crystal cleansed and preserve its color, place it out in a sunny spot at dawn or in the morning before 9 am, when the sun’s rays become harsher. Don’t touch your crystal during this time.

Leave the crystal out in the sun for no more than an hour and, if you can, place it on healthy soil for better cleansing.


The moon’s rays are a wonderful way to cleanse amazonite.

Click here to check when there will be a full moon or a waning moon in your area – you’ll need to search for your city in the top right search bar.

Once you find the moon phases for your area, look for the next full moon or waning moon, as these are the best times to cleanse a crystal with moonlight.

  • A full moon is when the entire moon is visible, so you see a bright, complete circle of the moon. A waning moon comes after a full moon, when the moon starts looking smaller in the sky.

Place your amazonite crystal outside at sunset, or under a full moon or waning moon, to be cleansed.

It’s best to put the crystal in direct moonlight and on soil where negative energy can be absorbed.

Leave amazonite out overnight if you can, but be sure to bring it in before the sun gets bright and hot the next morning.


The idea here is to gently push negative energy away from the crystal with vibrations from a sound that you make.

To cleanse amazonite with sound, place the crystal on a table or on the ground no more than 3 feet away from you. Keep the area between you and the crystal open, so sound vibrations can move freely and cover the crystal.

Sit down and start chanting or playing an instrument.

You can either chant by making the “om” sound over and over, play a singing bowl like this one from Amazon, use meditation chimes, or play cymbals. You could even combine two of these by chanting and using an instrument at the same time.

Continue making the sound for a few minutes for effective cleansing.

Selenite crystal

Selenite is a cleansing crystal that can be used to cleanse amazonite quickly and easily.

To cleanse amazonite, put it in a selenite crystal bowl. These bowls are known as “crystal charging stations” because they release negative energy from all crystals, including amazonite. Keep one in your home and use it to cleanse and recharge crystals as needed.

If you don’t have a selenite bowl, put your amazonite on selenite crystals for the same cleansing effect. Try to get enough selenite sticks so you can wrap them around your amazonite below, on the sides, and on top, so the selenite touches all sides of the amazonite.

If you don’t have selenite on hand, replace the selenite with another cleansing crystal like amethyst, carnelian, or black obsidian.

Just make sure there is more of the cleansing crystal than the amazonite that needs to be cleansed.

Himalayan salt

Salt has a wonderful purifying effect. It’s best to cleanse amazonite with Himalayan salt, the ancient pink salt from the base of the Himalaya mountains.

Fill a shallow bowl or glass with pure Himalayan crystal salt or larger salt stones. Bury the amazonite in the salt and leave it there for at least 24 hours, or longer if you prefer.

This bowl of salt can be used many times to cleanse or store your amazonite. Simply replace the salt when you feel that it is no longer effective.   

Once a crystal has been cleansed with salt, rinse it under clean water to remove salt residue and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

If you have a pure Himalayan salt lamp, place the amazonite next to the lamp and let the crystal bathe in the light from the lamp for several hours. Then turn the crystal over to expose the other side to the lamp’s light.

Brown rice

Brown rice can be used to cleanse amazonite.

Simply bury the crystal in a shallow bed of dry brown rice and leave it there overnight, or longer if you feel it is necessary.

The brown rice will absorb all the negative energy from the crystal. Thank it and throw out the brown rice once your crystal has been recharged.

I don’t think this method is a very eco-friendly method of cleansing crystals because it wastes food, so I only recommend this if it’s the only thing you have available for a cleansing ritual.

Want to know more about your amazonite crystal? Here’s my guide to amazonite crystal – the crystal of hope.


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