166 Things To Say To Amazonite – Start Using Affirmations Today


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Holding amazonite in your hand, closing your eyes, and saying affirmations attracts what you want and need in your life. You can ask amazonite to bring you peace and calm, help you communicate and express yourself, find balance and empower yourself, grow spiritually and intuitively, and so much more.

Below is a list of 166 affirmations to say to amazonite that will set your intentions for this beautiful crystal.

In this blog post, you’ll get affirmations to say to amazonite for:

  • Cleansing, activating, and charging the crystal
  • Calming emotions
  • Stress relief
  • Communication skills
  • Soothing energy
  • Balancing energies
  • Emotional healing
  • Self-expression
  • Empowerment
  • A confidence boost
  • Spiritual growth
  • Improved intuition
  • Setting boundaries

To find out more about amazonite, click here to read my guide on this beautiful crystal.

Affirmations to cleanse, activate, and charge amazonite

Here are some affirmations to cleanse, activate, and charge your amazonite crystal:

  • Wash this amazonite of what it carries
  • Make space for new energy to flow within
  • This crystal is ready to work with me
  • I charge you with uplifting powers
  • I connect with the energy in this crystal
  • This amazonite is a powerful tool
  • I am grateful for the activation of this crystal
  • I trust in the energy of this amazonite
  • This crystal knows my intentions
  • My crystal understands me
  • Stronger, stronger every day, in every way
  • Together, we make a great team
  • This amazonite reflects my inner wants and needs
  • You are now activated
  • You are cleansed of the past and ready for the future
  • This crystal heals me, guides me, and protects me

These are affirmations you can use to activate amazonite. Here are some easy ways to cleanse and charge amazonite to keep its vibrations strong. Once cleansed, here are ideas on where to keep your amazonite and why.

Amazonite bracelet with tree of life charms
Wear amazonite on your non-dominant wrist to bring the crystal’s gifts into your life. If you’re right-handed, wear the crystal on your left hand and vice versa. Your non-dominant hand is your receiving hand. Here’s why your zodiac sign should wear amazonite.

Affirmations for amazonite to calm your emotions

Amazonite brings you a sense of tranquility and serenity. The crystal soothes and calms stormy emotions, helping you find inner peace and balance even in tough situations.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite to calm your emotions:

  • I am calm and centered
  • Peace flows through me.
  • I release all tension in my body and mind.
  • Serenity surrounds me.
  • My emotions are balanced.
  • I choose peace.
  • Calm is my natural state.
  • I let go with ease.
  • I am grounded.
  • I control my emotions.
  • I am at peace.
  • I am thankful for every situation and what it teaches me.

Amazonite affirmations for stress relief

Amazonite acts as a powerful stress reliever. The crystal eases your tension and lets you enter a state of deep relaxation, so you can release worries and discover a sense of calm and well-being.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for stress relief:

  • I relax deeply.
  • I let go of worries.
  • Water washes over me and removes this load I carry.
  • I am free from stress.
  • I can cope.
  • My mindset is proactive.
  • I am at ease.
  • Stress has no power over me.
  • I stay calm, no matter what.
  • In with peace, out with worry.
  • My home is my sanctuary.
  • Good thoughts bring me good things.
  • I live in the here and now.
  • No more mental chatter.

Amazonite affirmations for better communication

Amazonite helps you communicate better, both at work and in your personal relationships. Use the crystal when you need to express your thoughts, ideas and emotions clearly, so you speak with confidence and connect with others.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite to improve your communication skills:

  • I express myself with confidence.
  • My words have power and impact.
  • I communicate my thoughts effectively.
  • Connection comes naturally to me.
  • I listen to others and they listen to me.
  • I express my ideas clearly.
  • I communicate with honesty.
  • I say what I need to say with grace.
  • I am a great communicator.
  • My words create positive connections.
  • I speak my truth with ease.
  • I express myself openly.
  • My voice is heard and valued.

Amazonite affirmations for soothing energy

Amazonite creates a soothing and harmonious atmosphere with its gentle and nurturing energy. The crystal helps you calm your mind and emotions, bringing you a sense of peace.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite’s soothing energy:

  • I am surrounded by good vibes.
  • Serenity fills my being.
  • I am calm in the midst of chaos.
  • I am a channel of comfort.
  • My energy is calm and balanced.
  • I am centered.
  • I create a peaceful space around me.
  • Harmony is within me always, all days.
  • I align my energies with ease.
  • I am complete. Nothing is missing.
  • I honor all parts of myself.
  • I find balance in all things.
  • Inner harmony is my strength.
  • I create a life of balance.
  • I know who I am and I am true to myself.

Amazonite affirmations for balancing energies

Amazonite harmonizes and balances energies in the body, including the chakras. The crystal helps to integrate all aspects of your being, so you can enjoy the feeling of being whole and balanced with all the beauty that is you.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for balancing your energies:

  • Merge these energies.
  • Balance is key. Avoid extremes.
  • I enjoy the dance of energies.
  • My energies support me.
  • I am stable and whole.
  • I honor all that’s in me.
  • My energies are free to flow.
  • I work on inner balance and alignment.
  • I am assertive and compassionate.
  • I am nurturing and assertive.
  • I am yin and yang.
  • Each energy serves a purpose and has its place.

Amazonite affirmations for emotional healing

Amazonite helps you heal emotional wounds by releasing traumas and moving forward. The crystal brings you balance in life and helps you build resilience to the challenges that come your way.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for emotional healing:

  • I release wounds with love.
  • Healing energy flows through me.
  • I am strong.
  • Ups and downs are part of life.
  • I embrace growth.
  • I nurture my well-being.
  • I let go of pain.
  • My heart is open to healing.
  • This is part of the process.
  • I let others help me.
  • My thoughts support me and my dreams.
  • I trust in the flow of life.
  • I am grounded.
  • Events have no power over me.

Amazonite affirmations for self-expression

Amazonite encourages authentic self-expression. The crystal empowers you to confidently share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas through talking, writing, art, or any other channel you feel comfortable using.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for self-expression:

  • I express my unique voice.
  • My voice matters and is heard.
  • I am a powerful communicator.
  • My message gets across.
  • I express myself freely.
  • Inspiration fills me to the core.
  • I am genuine.
  • My message has an impact.
  • I am free to be me.
  • I express myself with joy.
  • What I create uplifts and inspires others.
  • I explore ways to share what’s inside me.

Amazonite affirmations for empowerment

Feeling small and insecure? We all have moments, days, or years like those.

Amazonite can empower you by boosting your self-belief and self-confidence. When used correctly, the crystal helps you embrace your personal power, pursue your goals, and overcome challenges with determination that you never knew was in you!

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for empowerment:

  • I am big and bold.
  • Power is within me.
  • I achieve greatness.
  • I trust in my abilities.
  • No one else but me.
  • I’m in charge of my own life.
  • I empower myself daily.
  • I believe in my unlimited potential.
  • I pursue my dreams.
  • I set clear goals and don’t stop.
  • I am the creator of my destiny.
  • I step into my power fearlessly.
  • I am a force of positive change.
  • I make a difference.
  • Unstoppable in greatness.

Amazonite affirmations for self-confidence

Amazonite boosts your confidence. The crystal instills brings you self-assurance and instills a belief in your abilities, giving you a more positive self-image.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite as a confidence booster:

  • I radiate a bright light of confidence.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I know I can. Yes, I can.
  • I am comfortable in my own skin.
  • I walk the talk.
  • I am secure in who I am.
  • Cool, calm, and collected.
  • I am proud of what I do.
  • New opportunities find me.
  • I make decisions. Then I make them the right decisions.
  • I am confident in my personal power.

Amazonite affirmations for spiritual growth

Amazonite supports spiritual growth and exploration. The crystal improves your intuition, giving you a deeper connection with your inner self and taking you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual expansion.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for spiritual growth:

  • I am connected to the divine within.
  • Spiritual growth is my birthright.
  • Take me on an adventure.
  • I am open to guidance.
  • My soul is wise.
  • I am a channel for divine light.
  • I explore my awareness.
  • Show me that which I don’t yet know.
  • Universal energies come join me.
  • I am a student.
  • I explore the mysteries of the universe.

Amazonite affirmations for better intuition

Amazonite amplifies intuition and inner wisdom. The crystal heightens your overall awareness and insights, so you learn to trust your intuitive guidance and make decisions aligned with your highest good.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite for better intuition:

  • I trust my inner guidance unconditionally.
  • My intuition is my compass.
  • My decisions reflect my highest good.
  • I listen to the whispers of my soul.
  • I am open to receiving insights.
  • My eyes and ears are open.
  • I follow my intuition with confidence.
  • I trust my instincts.
  • My intuition leads me on the right path.
  • My intuition is a guiding light.

Amazonite affirmations for setting boundaries

Some people might try to take advantage of you, especially if you don’t set and protect your boundaries according to what you feel comfortable with. And sometimes you might overstep your own boundaries by not taking care of yourself or by letting others take advantage of you.

Amazonite helps you set and maintain healthy boundaries with others and yourself. The crystal empowers you to protect your personal space, honor your needs, and maintain these limits with respect.

Here are some affirmations to use amazonite to set healthy boundaries:

  • My personal boundaries come first.
  • I protect my personal space.
  • Boundaries help you and me.
  • I communicate my boundaries clearly.
  • I set healthy boundaries.
  • This is my life and I prioritize my needs.
  • I create boundaries that respect who I am, not who I should be.
  • Others honor my limits.
  • I say no when I need to.
  • Boundaries help me thrive and grow.
  • I express my boundaries with respect.
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