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If you want to start using crystals for journaling, it’s good to find out what the best crystals are for YOU. Here’s what you need to know:

Clear quartz is the best crystal for journaling for most people most of the time. But it’s good to choose 3 – 5 crystals that serve your intentions and situation at this present moment. As your intentions change, so should your crystals.

What if I told you there are seven crystals that make excellent journaling companions, but nearly any crystal can be good for journaling – if it’s energetically aligned with what you need that day. You’d want to know what these are, right?

Let’s chat about the most common journaling crystals first, then make sure you grab my free cheat sheet of how over 20 popular crystals can serve your journaling journey…

In this blog post, you’ll get:

  • A list of the 7 best crystals for journaling (and why they made the list)
  • A free cheat sheet of 20+ crystals that are all good for journaling, and how each can help you

The 7 best crystals for journaling

You can use as many or as few crystals as you want when journaling.

Choosing crystals for journaling often depends on your own personal preference, what you have available in your crystal collection, and what crystals resonate with you in this phase of life.

Not sure how many crystals to choose? This blog post goes into more detail about the best number of crystals to use when journaling and why, if you need some guidance.

My advice is to stick with three to five crystals for journaling at the start. This helps you to not get too overwhelmed with all the energies you’re working with, whether you’re writing in your crystal journal or a regular journal (here’s the difference between the two journals).

Different crystals on an open journal for the best crystals when crystal journaling practice
Choose 3-5 crystals that help with the intentions you have for your journaling session.

Below is a list of the seven best crystals for crystal journaling, based on my own experience and from talking to others who enjoy this practice:

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is best for journaling if you: seek clarity, set intentions, need to focus, and explore various aspects of your thoughts and emotions when journaling.

In fact, clear quartz is the clear favorite when it comes to crystal journaling.

Why is it so popular?

Clear quartz is an energy amplifier, which means it intensifies the energies of all crystals being used for journaling, as well as your own energy as the user. This makes your journaling practice more effective and more fulfilling.

Use clear quartz when journaling to improve your focus, bring clarity of thought, and help you set good intentions. As an amplifier, clear quartz intensifies the intentions you set with it and connects you to your higher self, so it’s a great journaling choice if you need insight and clarity.

Make sure you get my cheat sheet of crystals that are great for journaling – all of which are amplified by the power of clear quartz. The cheat sheet is in my resource library, and instructions for access are at the end of this blog post.

Here’s what you gain from setting good intentions (and it’s probably more than you think!)


Sodalite is best for journaling when you need to: set intentions, get clarity or you’re struggling to focus, explore and reflect on your feelings, and express yourself and your more creative side.

The crystal helps you organize and express your thoughts more clearly and authentically, and even overcome challenges in communication, like arguments, disagreements, or resentments.

Sodalite’s strong connection with intuition also makes it a great crystal to use for dream journaling. Keep it by your bedside and record your dreams upon waking to explore their meanings.

Rose Quartz

Often called the “Stone of Love,” rose quartz is associated with self-love, compassion, emotional healing, comfort, and self-care.

Rose quartz is best for journaling when exploring matters of the heart, relationships, self-love, forgiveness, and emotional healing.

The crystal helps you create a nurturing and safe space to examine your emotions, nurture self-acceptance, and invite healing insights that promote a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside.

Because rose quartz opens the heart chakra, it’s also a great crystal to have nearby when giving thanks and writing in a gratitude journal.


Citrine brings positivity, abundance, and a sunny disposition.

Citrine is best for journaling when you are setting positive intentions, focusing on goals, visualizing and manifesting dreams, cultivating abundance and gratitude, or wanting to enhance your overall sense of positivity and empowerment in life.

This crystal infuses your writing with motivation, optimism, and a proactive mindset, guiding you toward your aspirations and embracing a brighter outlook on life.


Amethyst is linked to spiritual growth, intuition, introspection, and emotional healing.

Amethyst is best for journaling when you need access to your inner voice, you want to grow spiritually, you need to heal emotional wounds, or you simply need some calm and clarity in your life.

This crystal creates a serene and introspective space, where you can tap into your inner wisdom, express your emotions authentically, and get insights on your journey of self-discovery.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is all about wisdom, truth, spiritual exploration, and psychic abilities. Use it wisely, and only when you are open to opening up and discovering big things.

Because this crystal directly accesses your inner wisdom and higher consciousness, it’s best kept for reflective and intuitive journaling.

Use lapis lazuli crystal for journaling when you are struggling to clarify and express your thoughts, cannot see things from a different point of view, or you’re struggling to make a difficult decision (especially when you don’t know what you truly want).

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has protective and grounding properties.

Black tourmaline is best for journaling when you need to release negativity and stress, stop unwanted thoughts, ground yourself, and find stability in a time of chaos or insecurity.

This crystal clears your mind of unwanted energies, connects you to the Earth, and creates a safe space for reflection and healing.

Get My Cheat Sheet Of Crystals That Are Good For Journaling

So, I’ve shared the top seven crystals for journaling above.

As I said earlier, any crystal can be used for journaling, but you’ll get the most from these crystals if you choose ones that serve you at this point in time, depending on your intentions and what you need.

Simply fill in the form below to get my cheat sheet of 20+ crystals that are great for journaling, and what each crystal can do for you.

I’ll send the cheat sheet to your inbox immediately, so you can get started with your crystal journaling today! You’ll also get access to my newsletter and my library of crystal journal templates, along with many other printables to download and enjoy (all free).

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