14 Best Places To Keep Citrine


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Citrine is a vibrant crystal that’s all about abundance, joy, clarity, and making your dreams come true.

The best places to keep citrine are on your body, in your purse or wallet, in a dreamcatcher, and in a creative or work space. Put citrine wherever you need to feel happier, calmer, more confident, and inspired.

The truth is that there are many great places to keep citrine that you’ve probably never thought of. That’s why I came up with some ideas for you and written more about them below.

Let’s start by preparing citrine for its rightful place in our home and life…

By the end of this post, you’ll know:

  • How to cleanse and charge citrine for the best results
  • The 14 best places to keep citrine

How to prepare citrine

Citrine must be cleansed and charged before it can do anything for you (here are all the wonderful things citrine can bring you).

Whether you’ve just brought the crystal home or you have one that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s important to first cleanse it of the energy it carries and charge it with new energy.

To cleanse citrine, place it in healthy soil, clean water, sunlight, or moonlight. These elements send energy from the crystal back into the earth, then charge the crystal to make it vibrant and powerful once more.

Get a full list of citrine charging methods with instructions in this blog post.

Once cleansed and charged, decide where to keep your citrine based on what you want to be blessed with. Below is a list of places where you might want to put your citrine.

Citrine in a bowl with other healing crystals
Once citrine is cleansed and charged, it’s time to decide where to keep it.

The best places to keep citrine

You can keep citrine…

Near your solar plexus chakra

Citrine is closely linked to the heart chakra, which is above the navel in the abdominal area. This chakra is associated with personal power, self-confidence, abundance, and manifestation.

To keep citrine near the solar plexus chakra, wear a citrine necklace, a citrine bracelet on your left hand if you’re right-handed (and vice versa), or carry a small citrine crystal in your pocket.

You can also place citrine on your solar plexus chakra during meditations or energy healing sessions, to balance and activate this energy center.

When using citrine for meditation, set your intention and focus your attention on the solar plexus chakra. Close your eyes and visualize warm, golden light flowing through this area, and feel the energy of the citrine resonating with your own energy.

With consistent practice, you may begin to feel more self-confident and see an improvement in your finances and wealth.

If you don’t have time for meditation and visualization, simply hold citrine on your solar plexus chakra and repeat an affirmation to ask for what you seek. You can do this wherever you are and whenever you need help.

Here’s a list of citrine affirmations to get you started.

In a dreamcatcher

Want better dreams and deeper sleep?

Hang a gorgeous citrine dreamcatcher, like this one or this one, above your bed. The dreamcatcher must be hung higher than your head so your dreams and thoughts can enter it.

When you sleep, good dreams and thoughts are lovingly let loose down the dreamcatcher’s feathers to float back to you. Dark or negative dreams and thoughts get caught in the dreamcatcher’s web, to be destroyed by sunlight when the sun rises in the morning.

Citrine is a dream-enhancing crystal, filtering out nightmares and bringing sweet sleep with uplifting visions at night.

The crystal also protects you and your sleeping space from negative energy, making it easier to tap into your inner wisdom and get the guidance you need, when you are ready to receive it.

On a window sill

Keep a citrine crystal or pyramid on a sunny window sill to harness the sun’s energy.

Warm, vibrant sunlight cleanses and charges citrine with its powerful energy, enhancing the crystal’s natural properties. This energy attracts positive experiences and people, abundance, and clarity into your life.

Over time, the crystal may change color because of too much sun exposure. When this happens, it’s time to thank it, bury it in the ground, and get a new crystal for your window sill.

On your meditation altar

Create a sacred space for citrine on your meditation altar. Keeping the crystal in such a serene and focused environment amplifies its ability to enhance your spiritual connection and deepen your meditation practice.

Simply hold the citrine in your hand while meditating and visualize its golden glow covering your entire being, bringing you joy, inner peace, and spiritual growth.

In your feng shui prosperity corner

Keep citrine in the southeastern corner of your home or bedroom, which is your feng shui prosperity corner.

Putting citrine here aligns the crystal with the element of wood and the energy of abundance, attracting wealth and financial success into your life. Place it on a small table or decorative dish where you can see it and have a visual reminder of your money goals.

In your workspace or office

Keep citrine on your desk or in your workspace for greater productivity, focus, and creativity.

A charged citrine brings you mental clarity, keeps away negative energies, and inspires innovative ideas, among many other things. The crystal is especially helpful if you’re artistic or an entrepreneur.

In your wallet or purse

Tuck a small citrine crystal or a citrine worry stone in your wallet or purse to attract money and great wealth.

Whenever you see the crystal, say a prosperity affirmation so you stay mindful of your financial goals, continue to attract wealth, and keep money flowing steadily into your life. Citrine also helps you make wise financial decisions and brings opportunities.

In a jewelry box

Keep citrine in your jewelry box to cleanse and charge your precious gemstones and crystal pieces.

Citrine’s purifying energy removes stagnant and negative energy, bringing you a renewed sense of positivity and empowerment whenever you wear your jewelry.

In the bathroom

Keep citrine near your bathtub or in the bathroom. Whenever you soak in the water, the crystal’s energy has a chance to help you with self-care, relaxation, and emotional healing.

You can also hold citrine in your hand while bathing to enjoy its soothing and cleansing effects, so you can release stress and rejuvenate your spirit.

In your car

Keep a citrine crystal on your car dashboard, hanging from your rearview mirror, or in your glove compartment to make your travels more positive and uplifting.

Citrine’s radiance dispels road rage and helps keep you safe on your journey, making it the perfect companion for long drives.

On a bookshelf or a study desk

Place citrine on your bookshelf or study desk to bring yourself wisdom, inspiration, and positive energy.

Keeping citrine on a bookshelf or study desk alerts the crystal to your intellectual pursuits, helps you strengthen your love for learning, and assists with personal growth.

The crystal also makes reading and studying sessions more enjoyable, especially if you burn a citrine candle when you do these activities.

In your gym bag or workout room

Keep citrine in your gym bag or in your workout room at home for better workouts and physical performance.

Citrine’s energy boosts motivation, endurance, and overall vitality, so you can go a little further when you exercise. Keeping the crystal nearby also helps you maintain a positive mindset and achieve your fitness goals.

In your writing space

Keep citrine on your writing desk or in your writing space to unlock your creative potential and the flow of inspiration.

Actually, you can keep citrine anywhere you create things with words, paints, clay, or your imagination. Whether you’re a writer, artist, hobbyist, or you simply love journaling, citrine stimulates your imagination, removes creative blocks, and infuses your work with good vibes.

On your vision board

Citrine is a wonderful crystal for manifestation – and its powers can be incredible if you give it a chance. So citrine is a great crystal to put on your vision board or as close to your vision board as you can get it (stick it on with some museum putty or glue if you have to).

Keeping citrine near your vision board amplifies the board’s power, and it supports you in reaching your goals and materializing your greatest desires.

For an even greater impact, burn one of these citrine manifestation candles as you work on and whenever you spend time looking at your vision board.

If you want to know more about citrine, here’s my guide with everything you need to know about this crystal.

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