192 Things To Say To Citrine – Affirmations To Use


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Holding citrine in your hand, closing your eyes, and saying affirmations attracts what you want and need in your life. Citrine brings abundance, positive energy, manifestations, joy, and so much more.

Below is a list of 192 affirmations to say to citrine that will set your intentions for this beautiful crystal.

In this blog post, you’ll get affirmations to say to citrine for:

  • Cleansing, charging, and activating the crystal
  • Abundance and wealth
  • Positive energy flow
  • Manifestation and success
  • Joy and happiness
  • Confidence boosting
  • Mental clarity
  • Protection from negativity
  • Self-expression
  • Greater creativity
  • Vitality and energy
  • Balancing emotions
  • Motivation and drive
  • Enhancing intuition
  • Healing and regeneration
  • Strengthening relationships

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Affirmations to cleanse, activate, and charge citrine

  • Wash this citrine of what it carries
  • Make space for new energy to flow within
  • This crystal is ready to work with me
  • I charge you with uplifting powers
  • I connect with the energy in this crystal
  • This citrine is a powerful tool
  • I am grateful for the activation of this crystal
  • I trust in the energy of this citrine
  • This crystal knows my intentions
  • My crystal understands me
  • Stronger, stronger every day, in every way
  • Together, we make a great team
  • This citrine reflects my inner wants and needs
  • I program this citrine crystal to help me achieve my goals
  • You are now activated
  • You are cleansed of the past and ready for the future
  • This crystal heals me, guides me, and protects me

The above are affirmations you can use to activate citrine. Here are some easy ways to cleanse and charge citrine.

Hands holding a citrine crystal while saying affirmations and asking for what you need
It’s important to cleanse, charge, and activate your citrine crystal.

Citrine affirmations for abundance and wealth

Citrine attracts abundance and money, helping with the manifestation of wealth and financial success. The crystal does this by bringing you opportunities and promising circumstances.

In fact, citrine is so good at bringing in money and business that it’s called the “merchant’s stone”. It’s kept in the cash registers of many stores in Asia because it attracts customers.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine to bring abundance and wealth into your life:

  • Abundance flows into my life.
  • I attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Money comes to me easily.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • Wealth is my natural state.
  • Financial success is within reach.
  • I am open to receiving money.
  • I deserve to be rich.
  • I am grateful for my abundant life.
  • I embrace a life of abundance.
  • I am blessed with opportunities.
  • I welcome financial blessings.
  • My wealth grows daily.

Citrine affirmations for a positive flow of energy

Citrine stimulates a smooth flow of positive energy throughout your being, giving you a sense of vitality, optimism, and overall ease. The crystal also cleanses and energizes the chakras, lifting up the spirit and giving you a positive outlook on life.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for a positive flow of energy in your life:

  • Positive energy fills me.
  • I radiate joy.
  • I attract positive experiences and people.
  • I am surrounded by positive vibes.
  • My energy is uplifting.
  • I choose to see the bright side.
  • I am a beacon of light.
  • I embrace this moment and the one that follows it.
  • Joy and positivity guide my path.
  • I am a source of optimism for others.
  • Good energy fuels my actions.
  • I am grateful for the energy around me.

Citrine affirmations for manifestation and success

Citrine deepens intentions and desires, helping you manifest your goals and attract success into your life. The crystal’s powerful energy also helps you align with your purpose and realize your ambitions.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for manifestation and success:

  • I manifest my dreams with confidence.
  • Success is within my grasp.
  • I am a powerful manifestor.
  • I attract success in all areas.
  • I am aligned with my desires.
  • I believe in my manifesting abilities.
  • I live a life I love.
  • I deserve success.
  • My dreams are real.
  • I trust in the process of manifestation.
  • My intentions manifest with ease.
  • I am open to receiving my desires.
  • I achieve what I set my mind to.

Citrine affirmations for joy and happiness

Citrine’s sunny energy radiates feelings of happiness, uplifting your spirit and infusing your life with optimism and contentment. The crystal disperses undesirable emotions, replacing them with warmth and joy, bringing light into even the darkest moments.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine to bring you joy and happiness:

  • Joy fills my heart and soul.
  • Happiness is my natural state.
  • I embrace joy.
  • I choose to be happy now.
  • I radiate happiness.
  • My life is full of blissful moments.
  • I find joy in simple things.
  • I attract cheerful experiences and people.
  • Happiness is my choice.
  • My life is a reflection of joy.

Citrine affirmations to boost your confidence

Citrine empowers you with self-confidence, encouraging you to embrace your unique qualities and abilities, and to radiate self-assuredness. The crystal instills a sense of courage and inner strength in you, empowering you to overcome challenges and embrace your true potential.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine to boost your self-confidence:

  • I am confident in my abilities.
  • I radiate self-assurance.
  • Confidence flows through me.
  • I embrace my unique qualities.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am worthy of success.
  • My confidence grows stronger every day.
  • I trust my inner strength.
  • I am capable of anything I set my mind to.
  • I express myself wisely.
  • I take action.
  • I inspire others.

Citrine affirmations for mental clarity

Citrine clears mental fog, sharpens focus, and brings clarity, so you can think logically and make better decisions. The crystal’s energizing properties also stimulate the mind, so you have greater mental agility and stronger problem-solving abilities.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for mental clarity:

  • My mind is clear.
  • I make good decisions.
  • I’m a problem-solver
  • I am sharp and focused.
  • I release the fog in my head.
  • My thoughts are organized.
  • I focus on what’s important.
  • I am grateful for my clear thinking.
  • Mental clarity empowers me.
  • I get insights.

Citrine affirmations for protection from negativity

Citrine acts as a protective shield against negative energies and influences, creating a barrier of positive energy. The crystal brings with it a sense of inner peace and protection.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for protection against negativity:

  • You are my shield.
  • I am safe.
  • I release negative energy.
  • Positivity protects me.
  • I choose positivity.
  • Negative energy has no power over me.
  • I am surrounded by a bubble of light.
  • I attract positive experiences.
  • Light prevails.
  • I stay protected in all aspects of my life.

Citrine affirmations for better self-expression

Citrine enhances self-expression, helping you communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly and easily. The crystal activates the throat chakra, so you can explain these thoughts and feelings authentically and confidently.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for better self-expression:

  • I express myself confidently.
  • I am always real with everyone.
  • My voice is powerful.
  • I communicate my thoughts clearly.
  • I am confident in expressing my emotions.
  • Self-expression flows through me.
  • I find it easy to share my truth.
  • I communicate my needs respectfully.
  • My self-expression inspires others.
  • I am grateful for my ability to express myself.

Citrine affirmations for greater creativity

Citrine stimulates creative thinking, inspiring new ideas and innovation. The crystal encourages imaginative exploration, unlocking the flow of creative expression and supporting artistic projects.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for greater creativity:

  • I am a channel for inspiration.
  • My creativity knows no bounds.
  • Creative ideas flow to me.
  • I am open to inspiration.
  • I find inspiration everywhere I look for it.
  • My imagination is limitless.
  • I embrace my unique expression.
  • I am a wellspring of ideas.
  • I express myself creatively.
  • I am grateful for my uniqueness.
  • My creativity shines a light.
  • I am a vessel for divine creativity.
  • I nourish my spirit with imagination.
  • I discover new horizons.
  • I explore and innovate.

Citrine affirmations for vitality and energy

Citrine infuses your life with vitality and energy, bringing a sense of enthusiasm and zest for life. The crystal’s vibrant energy rejuvenates the body and mind, giving you an energetic boost and enhancing your overall vitality.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for vitality and energy:

  • My energy is boundless.
  • I radiate a bright life force.
  • I am filled with vigor.
  • Vitality flows through me.
  • I am invigorated.
  • I embrace my life.
  • My energy levels are stable.
  • I attract and absorb positive energy.
  • I attract energizing experiences.
  • I wake up feeling refreshed.
  • I am open to unlimited energy.
  • My energy fuels my dreams and aspirations.
  • I am connected to the source of all energy.

Citrine affirmations to balance your emotions

Citrine helps you balance your emotions, so you can enjoy emotional stability and well-being. The crystal brings a sense of inner calm, soothes emotional turmoil, and encourages harmony within.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine to balance your emotions:

  • My emotions are in balance.
  • I release turmoil with ease.
  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • Calm is my natural state.
  • I honor my emotions, then let them go peacefully.
  • I choose well-being over all else.
  • I allow myself to heal.
  • I am worthy of harmony.
  • I welcome serenity.
  • I choose bliss in every moment.
  • My emotions are a source of strength and wisdom.
  • I am open to emotional healing and balance.

Citrine affirmations for motivation and drive

Citrine ignites motivation and drive, fueling a sense of determination and perseverance. The crystal’s dynamic energy instills a can-do attitude in you, inspiring action and propelling you forward on your path to success.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for motivation and drive:

  • I achieve goals.
  • My drive makes me a success.
  • I am persistent.
  • I embrace challenges.
  • I pursue my dreams.
  • Motivation flows through my veins.
  • I take action every day.
  • My inner drive pushes me beyond limits.
  • I am inspired and motivated.
  • I attract opportunities that fuel my drive.
  • I stay focused on where I’m going.
  • I keep my eyes on the prize.

Citrine affirmations for enhanced intuition

Citrine heightens intuition and psychic abilities, opening the gateway to higher wisdom and inner guidance. The crystal’s energy attunes you to your inner knowing, so you experience clearer insights and more intuitive decision-making.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for enhanced intuition:

  • I trust my inner wisdom.
  • My intuition guides me.
  • I am open to insights.
  • I follow my intuition.
  • I am connected to my inner guide.
  • Wisdom flows through me.
  • I am grateful for my intuition.
  • I embrace the messages I get.
  • I make wise decisions.
  • I get divine guidance.
  • My instinct serves my highest good.

Citrine affirmations for healing and regeneration

Citrine has healing properties, and it brings both physical and emotional healing. The crystal is believed to support cellular regeneration, and help in the recovery from illness or trauma.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for healing and regeneration:

  • Surround me with your healing energy.
  • My body and spirit get better each day.
  • I am open to your healing.
  • Healing energy flows through me.
  • I am grateful for my body’s ability to heal.
  • I release pain.
  • My body regenerates itself.
  • I am a vessel for healing energy.
  • I honor my healing process.
  • I am worthy of being healthy.
  • My body and spirit are in harmony.
  • I get the healing I need.

Remember to always consult with a medical professional for appropriate medical advice and treatment for any health conditions.

Citrine affirmations for stronger relationships

Citrine strengthens relationships because it brings you understanding and mutual respect. The crystal improves healthy communication, encourages empathy, and helps build deep and meaningful connections.

Here are some affirmations to use citrine for stronger relationships:

  • Bring me strong connections.
  • Help me take care with my words
  • I give and receive love.
  • I cherish my relationships.
  • Relationships are a nurturing space
  • I attract supportive relationships.
  • I am grateful for the people in my life.
  • I forgive and release conflicts.
  • I embrace authenticity.
  • I invest time and energy in building strong bonds.
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