14 Places To Keep Amber (And Feng Shui Tips)


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Amber is a versatile gemstone that’s all about calm, spiritual growth, and connection.

The best places to keep amber are on your body, in a bedroom, on your desk, in the car, and as essential oil in a diffuser or an amber candle. Place amber wherever you need calm, upliftment, protection, healing, connection with nature and others, and focus.

The truth is that there are many places to keep amber that you’ve probably never thought of, which are all covered below along with a feng shui guide. Let’s start by preparing amber for its rightful place in our home and life.

By the end of this post, you’ll know:

  • How to prepare amber
  • 14 places to keep amber
  • Feng shui guide on where to put amber and why

How to prepare amber

Amber must be cleansed and charged before it can do anything for you (here’s what amber generates).

Whether you’ve just brought the gemstone home or you have one that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s important to first cleanse it of the energy it carries and charge it with new energy.

To cleanse amber, place it in healthy soil, water, sunlight, or moonlight. These elements send energy from the amber back into the earth, then charge the stone to make it vibrant and powerful once more.

Click here for a full list of amber charging methods – and which methods to avoid so you don’t damage the stone.

Once cleansed and charged, decide where to keep your amber based on what you want to be blessed with. Below is a list of places where you might want to put your amber.

Keep amber in your non-dominant hand which is the receiving side
This is a large piece of amber. Amber needs to be cleansed and charged to work well.

The best places to keep amber

You can keep amber…

Near your solar plexus chakra

Amber is closely linked to the solar plexus chakra, which is in the upper abdomen, around the navel area. This chakra is associated with personal power, self-esteem, and confidence. The stone is also linked to the sacral chakra, below the navel.

Amber’s warm, sunny energy and color resonate with these chakras, making it a popular stone for promoting balance and healing in these areas.

To keep amber near these chakras, wear a certified amber necklace or bracelet, or carry a small healing stone in your pocket. You can also place amber on your solar plexus or sacral chakra during meditations or energy healing sessions, to balance and activate the energy center.

When using amber for healing, set your intention and focus your attention on a chakra. Close your eyes and visualize warm, golden light flowing through this area, and feel the energy of the amber resonating with your own energy.

With consistent practice, you may begin to feel more balanced, confident, and empowered.

Don’t have time for meditation and visualization? No problem. Simply hold amber on your solar plexus chakra and repeat an affirmation over and over as you ask for what you seek. You can do this wherever you are and whenever you need help.

Here’s a list of amber affirmations to help you get started.

By your front door

Keep a piece of raw or polished amber near your front door to welcome positive energy and good fortune as you enter, and to release negativity when you leave your home.

Near windows

Keeping amber near windows protects against negative energy coming in and attracts positive energy to flow into your home.

Raw amber can be placed on windowsills, strands of amber beads can be hung from window frames, and amber suncatchers make a beautiful décor piece near any window.

On the bedside table

Keep a polished amber stone or amber jewelry on your bedside table for restful, deep sleep, and to feel calmer at night.

If you want, you can also place a small piece of amber under your pillow, inside the pillow case, for deeper sleep.

In a home office

Keep a piece of raw or polished amber on your desk or in the drawer for better focus and concentration when you work.

This also helps you deal with pressure and deadlines, and gives you energy when you feel fatigued during office hours.

In the bathroom

Use beauty products that are amber-scented in the shower or bath to relax, relieve stress, and for overall wellness.

Amber air fresheners, such as amber room sprays, essential oils or incense, purify the air in a bathroom or toilet. Use as needed.

Amber smells like a warm, tropical forgotten forest, that’s often spicy and with a hint of sweetness. Here’s why.

Amber is also believed to help ease physical pain and inflammation, which makes it a good idea to keep real amber in the bathroom, in a medicine cabinet.

In the kitchen

Amber is believed to encourage healthy eating habits with balanced meals and respect for one’s body, so amber is great in the kitchen.

A small piece of polished amber or large amber tower on a kitchen counter, or even the dining room table, brings overall health and well-being to those who prepare food and nourish themselves nearby.

Pendants can be made from amber beads and hung from kitchen cabinets to promote positive energy flow, health and wellness, and as a natural and beautiful accent to the kitchen.

On a mantel or bookshelf

Amber makes a wonderful décor piece, especially on a mantel or bookshelf where it brings a sense of warmth and coziness to any room.

A chunk of raw amber, especially a rare piece with fossilized plants, animals, or other debris in it, makes an interesting conversation starter and connects those in the room with nature and each other.

Start by finding out the amazing history of this ancient fossil.

If you don’t want to display a piece of amber, choose amber candles, amber essential oils in a diffuser, or an amber essential oil reed set, to make the room smell like a warm, sub-tropical forest long forgotten.

In an outdoor space or with indoor plants

Keep amber outside or with indoor plants to bring peace, vitality, and connection with the natural world.

Put amber chips in a potted plant to promote growth and vitality – for the plant and on your own spiritual path. Be careful of using these if you have pets or young children that could swallow them.

Place an amber healing tower in the garden or on a deck for a natural and artistic element in the space.

Burn candles that smell like woody amber, to make the space feel sensual, sophisticated, and mysterious.

It’s best not to put real amber where it will get a lot of sun for many hours every day, especially full sunlight. Direct sunlight like this can fade amber over time.

In a meditation space

Keep a Baltic amber healing stone or amber jewelry on your meditation cushion or altar to promote spiritual growth, bring cleaning and healing, enhance your connection to the divine, and facilitate deeper meditation sessions.

Read about the differences between amber and Baltic amber here.

In a car

Keep amber-scented sachets or hang a piece of raw or polished amber from your rear view mirror to promote calmness, focus, and protect against negative energy while on the road.

In your bra

Start by asking the amber for what you need, then put it in the bra cup that’s on your non-dominant side. So, if you’re right-handed place the stone on the left side of your bra and vice versa.

Your non-dominant side is your receiving side, and it helps the amber give you what you ask for.

During the day, put your non-dominant hand to your chest and reconnect with the stone, repeating your wishes out loud or quietly in your head.

On your non-dominant hand or wrist

If you want to wear amber jewelry, it’s best to put it on your non-dominant side.

If you’re right-handed, wear amber on your left hand as this is the side that receives gifts, and if you’re left-handed, wear the jewelry on your right hand.

On a charging station

If you don’t have anywhere specific to keep your amber or you want to keep it fully charged for when you need it, create a charging station as a home.

To make an amber charging station, use something that removes old energy from the stone and charges it with new energy.

This station could be made from charging crystals, such as a selenite charging bowl, healthy soil, water, or any other charging tool.

Here’s a list of quick and easy ways to charge amber.

Where to keep amber for feng shui

In feng shui, it’s believed that our surroundings greatly impact our energy and well-being. Feng shui helps us know where to place objects and how to lay out our spaces to invite certain things into our life.

By placing amber in the right areas of your home, you can bring abundance, prosperity, love, healing, calm, balance, and overall well-being into your life.

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about amber.

Below is a list of things amber can bring you and where to put your amber to attract these things according to feng shui:

Wealth and prosperity

In feng shui, the wealth and prosperity area is in the far-left corner of a room from the entrance. This area is associated with abundance and financial prosperity.

By placing amber in the wealth and prosperity corner, you enhance the energy of abundance and attract more money, success, and fortune into your life.

Love and relationships

The love and relationships area is in the far-right corner of a space from the entrance. This area is associated with relationships, love, and marriage,

Placing amber in the love and relationships corner attracts love, positive relationships, and romantic opportunities.

Health and well-being

The health and well-being area is in the center of a room. This area is associated with health, balance, and harmony.

Keep amber in the health and well-being space to bring healing and overall wellness to those who use the area.

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