26 Best Places To Keep Aventurine


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Aventurine is a versatile crystal that’s all about balance, luck, and creativity.

The best places to keep aventurine are on your body, on your desk, in the car, and wherever you craft or create. Put aventurine in spaces where you need to feel relaxed, abundant, inspired, and focused.

The truth is that there are many great places to keep aventurine that you’ve probably never thought of, which are all listed below. Let’s start by preparing aventurine for its rightful place in our home and life.

By the end of this post, you’ll know:

  • How to prepare aventurine
  • The 26 best places to keep aventurine

How to prepare aventurine

Aventurine must be cleansed and charged before it can do anything for you (here’s what aventurine brings).

Whether you’ve just brought the crystal home or you have one that’s been sitting around for a while, it’s important to first cleanse it of the energy it carries and charge it with new energy.

To cleanse aventurine, place it in healthy soil, water, sunlight, or moonlight. These elements send energy from the aventurine back into the earth, then charge the stone to make it vibrant and powerful once more.

Click here for a full list of aventurine cleansing and charging methods.

Once cleansed and charged, decide where to keep your aventurine based on what you want to be blessed with. Below is a list of places where you might want to put your aventurine.

The best places to keep aventurine

You can keep aventurine…

Near your heart chakra

Aventurine is closely linked to the heart chakra, in the center of the chest. This chakra is associated with emotions, relationships, compassion, and spiritual connection.

Different colors of aventurine bring different gifts and are associated with different chakras, so be sure to choose the right color.

To keep aventurine near the heart chakra, wear an aventurine necklace or bracelet on your left hand if you’re right-handed (and vice versa), or carry a small aventurine crystal in your pocket.

You can also place aventurine on your heart chakra during meditations or energy healing sessions, to balance and activate this energy center.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step aventurine meditation you can use to guide you through your meditation practice.

When using aventurine for meditation, set your intention and focus your attention on the heart chakra. Close your eyes and visualize warm, golden light flowing through this area, and feel the energy of the aventurine resonating with your own energy.

With consistent practice, you may begin to feel more compassionate and see an improvement in your relationships.

If you don’t have time for meditation and visualization, simply hold aventurine on your heart chakra and repeat an affirmation to ask for what you seek. You can do this wherever you are and whenever you need help.

Here’s a list of aventurine affirmations to help you get started.

On or near a family photo frame

Attach a small aventurine crystal to the front or back of a family photo frame with museum putty.

Aventurine has nurturing and harmonizing properties. By connecting it with your family photos, you encourage love, unity, and positive relationships in your family unit.

In a garden gnome or fairy house

Put aventurine crystals in or on a cute garden gnome or fairy house ornament in your garden.

Aventurine brings luck and harmony. Keeping it in a gnome or fairy house invites playful and magical energies into your garden, to create an enchanting and prosperous atmosphere.

On your office desk

Keep aventurine on your office desk, preferably near your computer or work area, or in a drawer of your desk.

Aventurine boosts creativity, focus, and mental clarity. By keeping it close to where you work, you can tap into these qualities and improve productivity and problem-solving skills.

In a meditation space

Place an aventurine crystal near your meditation cushion or altar.

Aventurine has a calming and soothing energy, making it an ideal crystal to have near you when you meditate. It can help you relax, release stress, and discover a deeper state of inner peace and tranquility.

On a nightstand

Bottle of small aventurine crystals on a nightstand
Keep aventurine close to your bed for better and more peaceful sleep.

Keep aventurine on your nightstand, on your dressing table, or even under your bed.

Aventurine brings restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Putting it near your bed helps to create a peaceful environment in the bedroom, ease insomnia, and encourage relaxation before sleep.

By a coffee or tea station

Keep aventurine near your coffee or tea station, such as next to your coffee machine or teapot.

If you keep aventurine where you prepare hot drinks, the crystal’s energy is believed to be passed on and infuse your morning ritual with positivity, prosperity, and gratitude.

In a jewelry box

Put an aventurine crystal inside or on top of your jewelry box, and keep any aventurine jewelry you have inside the box.

Aventurine brings good luck and prosperity. Keeping this crystal with your jewelry attracts wealth and abundance into your life.

In your car

Keep aventurine in your car, either secured to your dashboard with museum putty, hanging from your rearview mirror in a crystal cage necklace holder or in a hanging ornament, in the cup holder, or in the glove compartment.

Aventurine helps keep us safe when we travel, making it a great protective stone for your car.

In your purse, wallet, or on a money clip

Slip an aventurine worry stone into your purse or wallet, or attach a crystal to your money clip.

Aventurine brings luck, abundance, and wealth. Keeping it with your money attracts positive energy and a higher income.

In plant pots

Bury any aventurine crystal just beneath the surface of the soil in a plant pot.

Aventurine is associated with the energies of nature and growth. By connecting it with the earth, you enhance the natural beauty of your home, attract positive energy, and promote a harmonious environment.

With a writing journal

Keep an aventurine crystal in your writing journal, between the pages in this handmade bookmark, or wherever you store the journal.

Aventurine brings creativity and inspiration. By using it in your journaling practice, you’ll find you become more imaginative, express yourself better, and come up with new ideas and insights.

In bath salts

Keep aventurine inside your container of bath salts or with your bath bombs.

Aventurine is known for its calming and soothing properties. By infusing your bath salts with its energy, you create a rejuvenating and harmonizing bath experience, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

On a bookshelf

Display an aventurine crystal on your bookshelf, among your favorite books.

Aventurine enhances intellectual abilities and focus. By placing it on your bookshelf, it can bring a greater love for learning, better concentration, and inspire intellectual growth.

In your workout bag

Keep an aventurine worry crystal in a small pouch or pocket in your workout or gym bag.

Aventurine brings physical vitality and energy. Taking it with you to workouts boosts your endurance, motivates you, and gives you a revitalizing spurt of energy.

In an art studio

Keep aventurine crystal near your art supplies or a workspace in your studio, or burn an aventurine candle when you create a piece of art.

Aventurine enhances artistic creativity and innovation. When you keep it where you make art, you can tap into its energy, stimulating the imagination and unlocking new artistic perspectives.

In a music area

Put an aventurine crystal near your musical instruments, in your music practice area, or in your instrument’s case.

Aventurine amplifies musical abilities, expression, and creativity. This crystal enhances your musical flow, inspires you, and encourages joyful expression.

In a study area

Put aventurine on or near a study desk or learning area, or secure it to the base of a study lamp.

Aventurine is known to enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity. By having it in a study space, it supports learning, improves memory retention, and helps with productivity and staying motivated.

On a vision board

Use aventurine crystal in your vision board by attaching it to an area that represents your goals or aspirations.

Aventurine amplifies intention-setting and manifestation. Putting it in your vision board raises your goals’ energy levels, attracts abundance, and aligns you with your desired outcomes.

In a beach or sand jar

Put an aventurine crystal in a jar filled with sand or seashells from your favorite beach.

Aventurine is known to bring soothing and calming energies from nature. When combining it with beach elements, the crystal brings feelings of relaxation, serenity, and a connection to the healing power of the sea.

In your laptop or tablet carry bag

Keep an aventurine healing wand in a dedicated pouch or pocket inside your laptop or tablet’s bag.

Aventurine is believed to shield against electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices. Keeping it with your devices helps to minimize the potential negative effects of electromagnetic pollution and creates a more harmonious tech environment.

In a craft or sewing kit

Put aventurine in your sewing or craft kit, nestled among your tools and materials.

Aventurine is very strongly associated with creativity and inspiration. Keeping a crystal in your sewing or craft kit enhances artistic abilities, stimulates new ideas, and brings a positive energy to your creative activities.

In a baby’s nursery

Place an aventurine crystal in a baby’s nursery, but make sure it’s well hidden and nowhere the baby can reach.

Aventurine is said to bring luck, growth, and soothing energy. Using it in a nursery fosters a nurturing environment, supports the baby’s development, and creates a serene space for rest and growth.

On a fireplace mantel

Keep aventurine on your fireplace mantel as a decorative element, like this money tree.

Displaying aventurine on your fireplace mantel attracts positive energy and wealth, improves the relationships of those in the household, and creates a warm and inviting ambiance into your living space.

In a bunch of flowers or a wedding bouquet

Use aventurine crystals in a bunch of flowers or in a wedding bouquet, either by attaching crystal beads to the flowers’ stems, securing crystals in the arrangement, or sticking crystals to the vase with museum putty.

Aventurine brings luck and harmonious energy. If used in your wedding bouquet, the crystal will highlight your special day with positive vibrations and blessings, and bring a harmonious start to your marriage.

In an outdoor fountain

Keep an aventurine crystal in an outdoor fountain in your garden or on your patio.

Aventurine brings luck and a flow of abundance. Keeping it in or near running water enhances the crystal’s energies, attracting positivity, and creating a sense of prosperity and well-being in your space.

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