164 Fluorite Affirmations To Bring What You Need


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Holding a fluorite crystal in your hand, closing your eyes, and saying affirmations attracts what you want and need in your life. Fluorite can bring you focus, help you solve problems and make better decisions, ground you, protect you, relieve stress, help you grow spiritually, and more.

Below is a list of 164 affirmations to say to fluorite that will set your intentions for this beautiful crystal.

It’s good to remember that different colors of fluorite bring different things. Here’s how to choose the right color fluorite crystal for the affirmations you use and what you want it to bring you.

By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what to say to fluorite to:

  • Cleanse, activate, and charge your fluorite crystal
  • Clear your mind and focus
  • Enhance your intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Gain spiritual growth and insight
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Get help making decisions
  • Get help with solving problems
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieve physical pain and discomfort
  • Sleep better
  • Discover your creative and innovative side
  • Find emotional balance and stability
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your relationships and communication
  • Protect yourself from negative energies
  • Learn and remember better

Here’s a complete guide to fluorite with everything you want to and need to know about the crystal.

Affirmations to cleanse, activate, and charge fluorite

  • Wash this fluorite crystal of what it carries
  • Make space for new energy to flow within
  • This crystal is ready to work with me
  • I charge you with uplifting powers
  • I connect with the energy in this crystal
  • This fluorite is a powerful tool for my spiritual growth
  • I am grateful for the cleansing, activation, and charging of this crystal
  • I trust in the energy of this fluorite
  • This crystal knows my intentions
  • My crystal understands me
  • Stronger, stronger every day, in every way
  • Together, we make a great team
  • This fluorite reflects my inner wants and needs
  • I program this fluorite crystal to help me achieve my goals
  • You are now activated
  • You are cleansed of the past and ready for the future
  • This crystal heals me, guides me, and protects me

These are affirmations you can use to cleanse, charge and activate a fluorite crystal. Here are some easy methods with instructions on what to do when you need to cleanse and charge a fluorite crystal.

Affirmations to clear your mind and focus with fluorite

  • My mind is clear
  • I am sharp and attentive
  • Focus on my goals, not setbacks
  • Nothing distracts me
  • My thoughts are organized
  • I’m mentally strong
  • Engaged and fully present
  • I participate in my life and what happens to me
  • Help me think better every day
  • Bring only things that matter to my attention
  • I choose what I think about

Enhance intuitive and psychic abilities with fluorite

  • I’m aware of what’s truly going on
  • My intuition is accurate
  • I trust my inner voice
  • I see things that I know to be true
  • Connect me to my higher self
  • My psychic abilities multiply
  • I receive messages from the universe
  • I listen to the signs I receive
  • Be my spiritual guide
  • I’m headed in the right direction
  • I am in tune
  • Always trust my gut

Hand and fluorite crystal
Some crystal healers use affirmations with fluorite for better intuitive and psychic abilities.

Affirmations for spiritual growth and insight with fluorite

  • I grow daily
  • My journey is a spiritual one
  • I am connected to the divine
  • My consciousness expands into the universe
  • Grant me great wisdom
  • I trust the path that the universe lays out for me
  • Align me with my purpose
  • These lessons teach me important things
  • I look for chances to learn more
  • My spirit is strong

Affirmations to reduce stress and anxiety with fluorite

  • Cool, calm, and collected
  • Good bye tension. You no longer serve me
  • I control my emotions
  • My home is calm and cozy
  • There’s a peaceful place inside my heart
  • I breathe deeply and slowly
  • Welcome stillness
  • The universe provides for me
  • The light of optimism surrounds me
  • We can do this
  • Keep me safe, as you always do
  • I am grounded

Affirmations to get help making decisions from fluorite

  • Help me make good decisions today
  • Show me my options
  • I trust in our wisdom together
  • This crystal helps me see all sides
  • I ask for clarity and insight
  • I listen to what you suggest I do
  • I think before I act
  • I take action when I make up my mind
  • Fear doesn’t stop me doing what’s right for me
  • Show me the path to my highest good
  • My choices bring results. What do I want?
  • Help me serve my future self better
  • My decisions are aligned with my values
  • Lead me to the best outcome for all

Affirmations to get help with solving problems from fluorite

  • Let’s solve this together
  • What am I missing here?
  • Help me find creative solutions
  • I’m open to new ideas and insights
  • I ask for help to overcome these obstacles
  • Unlock my potential
  • I am grateful for your support and guidance
  • How do I fix this?
  • This crystal helps me think outside the box
  • Give me the key to open the door

Affirmations to strengthen your immune system with fluorite

  • My immune system is strong
  • I feel healthy and strong
  • Protect me from illness
  • I am surrounded by healing energy
  • I take care of my body
  • I nourish myself
  • I am grateful for my amazing body
  • My body is a temple
  • I am full of vitality

Affirmations to relieve physical pain and discomfort with fluorite

  • I release this pain
  • I am pain-free
  • My body is healing and recovering
  • I do all I can to heal
  • I listen to my body

Affirmations to sleep better with fluorite

  • I sleep deeply
  • I am relaxed and comfortable in bed
  • My body is ready to rest
  • I let go of worries when I lie down
  • I am safe and protected in this bedroom
  • I wake up feeling refreshed
  • I am grateful to rest and recharge
  • My room is calm and peaceful
  • Sleep rejuvenates my mind and body
  • I fall asleep quickly and easily

Affirmations to discover your creative and innovative side with fluorite

  • Show me innovation and creation
  • I’m full of ideas
  • I have a wonderful imagination
  • I think outside the box
  • I’m a creator
  • Fill me with creative energy
  • Inspire me to innovate
  • I’m the architect of my life

Affirmations to find emotional balance and stability with fluorite

  • I’m in control of my emotions
  • My emotions don’t control me
  • I have feelings then let them drift off
  • I find healthy ways to express myself
  • I don’t hold things inside
  • I respect myself and others
  • I know that emotions aren’t facts

Affirmations to increase self-confidence and self-esteem with fluorite

  • I am confident
  • I have a right to be here, just like everyone else
  • I contribute to the world
  • I accept help when I need it
  • I am proud of what I achieve
  • I make progress every day
  • I set goals and follow my dreams
  • If others can do it, then so can I

Affirmations to improve your relationships and communication using fluorite

  • I speak clearly and effectively.
  • I listen when others speak
  • I give others a chance to speak
  • I don’t know everything and I learn from other people
  • I am patient
  • I treat everyone I meet with respect
  • I am open to perspectives and opinions
  • I resolve conflicts peacefully
  • The right people come into my life at the right time
  • People leave my life when they should
  • I focus on relationships that are good for me
  • I do something every day to make my relationship stronger

Affirmations to protect yourself from negative energies with fluorite

  • Protect me today and always
  • Crystal, be my first line of defense
  • I cannot be attacked
  • Give me a strong spiritual shield
  • I let go of negativity quickly
  • I am safe and protected in all situations
  • The universe watches over me
  • I seek positive and uplifting experiences in my life
  • I produce good vibrations

Affirmations to learn and remember better with fluorite

  • I learn quickly and easily
  • I have a great memory
  • I remember what I need to remember
  • I recall facts with ease
  • I’m a good student
  • I focus when learning
  • Data gets absorbed into my memory
  • New information gets connected to existing knowledge
  • I have an amazing ability to learn more
  • I learn something new each day
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