13 Great Rose Quartz Gifts To Get Him


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If you’re looking for ideas for a gift to buy for someone who loves rose quartz, then you’re in the right place. Giving a man rose quartz will bring him all the benefits that rose quartz has to offer, whether you know what he needs or not.

I wanted to find gifts that are pretty affordable for most, easy to order, and are delivered quickly, so I stuck with my best finds on Amazon, which I’ve listed for you below.

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In this post, you’ll get a list of 13 rose quartz Amazon gift ideas for him, which could be for your boyfriend, husband, friend, or male colleague.


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Whiskey stones

If he loves drinking whiskey or any drink cooled with ice, why not buy him a set of these whiskey stones?

They’re pure rose quartz, so they won’t melt and dilute what he’s sipping on.

Simply pop the whiskey stones in the freezer for at least three hours before using them.

A set of chakra crystals and pendulum

This chakra crystal set contains 23 pieces, one of which is rose quartz.

This gift box is best for men who enjoy cleansing rituals and pendulum divination, or who are interested in exploring these.

Rose quartz bracelet

If you’re buying a rose quartz gift for a man who likes wearing bracelets, you have a few options…

Nylon and cylinder crystal

Here’s a simple, understated, rose quartz cylinder bracelet that comes in a velvet pouch and gift box.

It’s adjustable to fit wrists sizes between 5.75″ (15 cm) and 11.50″ (29 cm), so it should fit most men’s wrists.

The lucky man to get this can simply slide the knots to adjust the bracelet size to his liking.

Lava stone and rose quartz bead bracelet

This unique bracelet is made from rose quartz and lava stone beads. Lava stone is stone that’s created when lava cools down after a volcanic eruption.

He can add his favorite oils to the lava beads as they are natural and porous, to create his own personal aroma.

The lava will bring him protection, strength, and fertility. And the rose quartz will bring him love, health, connection, and calming energy (here’s the full list of what benefits you get from wearing rose quartz).

A pyramid for his home or office

Rose quartz pyramids are a longstanding favorite gift.

If the man receiving the gift needs grounding and protection from negative energy, even those emitted from computers and modems, then this orgone pyramid is a more masculine take on the traditional rose quartz pyramid.

It’s carved from Russian shungite (a rare black stone) and Madagascan rose quartz, with copper trims.

A rose quartz ring

If he’s into crystals and rings, then a handmade rose quartz ring is the perfect gift for him.

It’s customizable, so you can choose the ring size and the precious metal when you order it. Choose between real silver, yellow gold, or rose gold depending on what you think he will like.

A large, raw chunk of rose quartz

A large raw piece of rose quartz makes a great gift for him to put in his home or office.

It’s believed that such a crystal will bring him many benefits when he needs them, including healing, love, good sleep, creativity, and inner peace.

A rose quartz necklace

Rose quartz necklaces make a wonderful gift for him. Here are three great options I found…

A crystal and fossil necklace

If he’s into necklaces, then this rose quartz and fossil necklace is an unusual choice that he’s sure to love.

The round pendant contains crystals, ammonite fossils, chrysanthemums, conch, amethyst, aquamarine and rose quartz chips. These are beautifully arranged in a circle of colors, to represent the sacred chakras.

The pendant is about 1.5″ wide and 0.65″ thick. The hanging rope is adjustable to between 15″ and 32″.

And it comes in a velvet bag so it’s basically wrapped for you!

Rose quartz bullet necklace with leather wrap

This handmade necklace is a wonderful mix of natural materials – crystal, leather, wood, and metal.

The crystal comes from Madagascar, and is available in small (1.4″ – 1.7″) or large (1.9″ – 2″) sizes.

You can even choose the necklace length, either at 18″, 20″, or 22″ inches long.

Donut shaped rose quartz pendant

This crystal pendant is simple and striking, and each one is unique because it’s handmade.

Let this gift open his heart to love, friendship, healing, and peace.

Are you hoping for any of those from him?

The nylon cord is 32″ to 33″ long, and the donut is 1.6″ across.

The pendant comes in a satin gift pouch, so all you need is a card to go with it or the words to tell him how you really feel.

A crystal infused water bottle

If your man is health conscious or drinks a lot of water, this crystal water bottle makes a very thoughtful gift.

It’s an infuser bottle that infuses water with the powers of any of the three crystals that come with the bottle, which are rose quartz, amethyst, and green fluorite. You can even mix the crystals before infusing them, if you want.

This gift includes a tea strainer and infuser bonus, so he can enjoy cold crystal water or hot tea.

Rose quartz for his car

If he spends a lot of time in his car, then why not get him a gift for his beloved four wheels?

Rose quartz air vents

Here’s a rose quartz air vent that comes in sets of various stones and shapes, such as hearts, moons, stars, or bullets.

Simply clamp the clips onto any air vent in the car.

Now the driver and his passengers can enjoy the rose quartz and all the qualities the stones bring, such as protection and good vibes.

Rear view mirror decoration

This hanging car charm has a rose quartz and amethyst in it, finished off with a beautiful crescent moon.

It’s designed to be hung from the rear view mirror, but if he doesn’t want to hang it in his car, he can hang it in a window or out in the garden.

To find out more about rose quartz, check out my full guide.

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